Ubuntu: Upgrading Eclipse+PDT to latest (Eclipse 3.4 + PDT 2.0)

I am running Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) together with Eclipse 3.3.1 and PDT 1.0.3 and wanted to upgrade to the latest Eclipse and PDT — that is Eclipse 3.4 and PDT 2.0.  The easiest way I have found after lots of struggling is as follows:

That is it.  You should now have the latest Eclipse and PDT.

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Is this the iPhone killer?

CES 2009 is on the go at the moment and this phone

was announced.  It is not by the usual people but believe it or not, Palm.  Read more about it here.

Is this going to be the iPhone killer?

And while we on CES.  I want one of these:

It is a wall mounted Blu-ray player. And to go with it the new range of Samsung HDTV’s.

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Moving and Telkom.

I am moving house at the beginning of October and the cartoon above made me think whether Telkom will get around to doing my transfer in time.  Monday this week I paid the local Telkom office a visit to arrange for the transfer of my phone and ADSL line.

What a surprise when I received this from Telkom

Telkom Ref:xxxxxxx/xx

Your service will be installed on 01/10/08.For enquiries please dial 10219

We will now have to see if Telkom keeps their word.  Not holding my breath.  Luckily I have 3G as backup.

I wanted to move to Neotel and although they do cover my area, they only support one device with some kind of Windows setup.  I have a network and will hang on till when their wireless device support an Ethernet connection to my router.

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RSS Feed update – 13 September 2007

I am trying out the latest beta of Windows Live Writer and so far it seems to be good.  One little annoying thing is that the window for inserting Tags is a modal-window which means you cannot have it open to add tags while writing the blog.

While trying to recover from flu/cold and having time going through my RSS Feeds, here are some tidbits:

Space Shuttle Endeavour cuts a bright swath through the dark sky during this night-time launch in January 1998. Nearly six years earlier on Sept. 12, 1992, Endeavour blasted off, carrying Dr. Mae Jamison, the first African-American woman to fly in space, and Mamoru Mohri, the first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut on a shuttle mission.

Image Credit: NASA

I want one — pity we have Telkom

How would you like to have a 40Gbps Internet Connection to your house?  Well if you live in Sweden then it is all possible.  You would be able to download a full length DVD in 2 seconds.

This is about 10000 times faster than the fastest that Telkom supply.  And here we assume that Telkom’s run at it’s full speed of 4Mbps, which we all know is wishful thinking.

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The last thing bloggers want to see.

I just visited the blog of a well known blogger here in SA after reading his latest posting in my RSS reader.  This is what greeted me:

I have blotted out the server name so that no-one can detect whose blog it is.  I suppose this is something all of us bloggers that host our own blogs have to deal with.  Databases that can go down or endless hassles when upgrading software as Max found out.

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I am fedup .. iPhone .. who cares!!!

Why is everybody (ok all the Yanks) so full of themselves about the iPhone?  It is just a damn phone with a crappy camera. People stand in long queues just to get one.  Why, oh why?  Because it say Apple?  Every second  (ok make it every third) RSS  post in my feed reader is about the iPhone.

The only good thing I have read about it is that we will be spared it for a while still in SA.  Do’nt get met wrong, I think some Apple products like the Mac and the iPod is great.  But I cannot see what is all the fuss about this iPhone.  There is lots of other cellphones that is way better.

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