Firefox is the talk of the town

And I quote

Within 24 hours of the official launch on Tuesday, there were over 2 million people using Firefox 2, and we were seeing a peak rate of more than 30 downloads per second from our website.

I love it to see IE and in particularly IE7 being beaten and I cannot wait for the day that Firefox is used on more user desktops than IE (wishfull thinking on my part, I know)

Update: Christopher Blizzard said it a lot better than me …

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In search of a new host

I am in search of a new hosting evironment which basically must offer the following:

  • Reseller hosting
  • WHM and cPanel support
  • PHP – version 5.1.4 (pref version 5.1.6)
  • PHP-PDO support for MySQL enabled (default is to only enable it for sqlite2)
  • MySQL obviously.
  • Around 2GB disk space
  • Around 5GB bandwidth allocation
  • Apache mod-rewrite support
  • Support for .htaccess at a directory level
  • Postgres support would be a bonus — give me some playground for it 🙂

If you know of any hosting company that provide this and does not change and arm and a leg the please leave a comment or contact me.

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Ubuntu 6.10 released

I totally forgot to say something about the release of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) yesterday.  There is a lot of great things in it and go and download your copy.

Also earlier this week Ubuntu walk away with the award for the best Linux distribution.  Congrat to Mark and all the guys and gals that have worked on Ubuntu.  Wish I could have joined them later next month at Googleplex for the next Ubuntu summit.

Now onto Festy Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) 🙂
Update: It is Feisty and not Festy

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IBM Linux Competency centre in Jhb

I see that IBM South Africa has just opened a Linux competency centre. Since I will be moving to IBM 1 Dec this is of great interest to me.  I am a big Linux and Ubuntu fan and user so the more big corporates gets involved in spreading Linux the better.

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Installed Firefox 2

Just took the plunge and installed Firefox 2 (actually upgraded from and it seemed to go well. A couple of extensions that I use do not work with version 2 like the following:

  • SpellBound spellcheck — but was not an issue since Firefox 2 has spellcheck build in.
  • Tab Mix Plus — not an issue either since the tabbing in version 2 is a lot better than in 1.5. All feature that I miss is the progress bar in the Tab that Tab Mix had and the different color that the text on the tab had for a page that is finished loaded but not viewed yet.
  • Omea Reader — this is not an issue either since I see that Firefox 2 support external Feed Reader applications and it did list my Omea Reader. Did not try whether this work yet but will.
  • Couple of my themes did not work either but this is no issue either since I actually like the new Firefox default theme.

This is my first observations and I will post more later about my experiences.

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Time for a new Passport

My SA passport expires in February 2007 and it is probably time to get the ball rolling to get it renewed.  Having heard and read about other peoples experiences renewing one’s passport, I am not looking forward to this.

At least I have some spare photos lying around so I do not have to go and have my picture taken.

Any good advice will be appreciated on making this process as painless as possible.

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Performancing Partners and Performancing Metrics

I use Performancing plugin for Firefox as the main tool to do my blogging and have seen that they just launched a Performancing Partners Advertising network.  To the right you will see that I have enabled it to see what it is all about.

At the same time I have enabled their metrics facility … lets see how good it is.

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Joined the virtual world of Second Life

After reading about IBM’s use and involvement  in Second Life  on Andy Piper’s blog, I decided that I should also give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Maybe it is my bandwidth (384kb/s ADSL), but I find it extremely slow.  It will take me a while to find my way around it but have only spend a couple of minutes on it.

Time will tell whether I will stay.

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