Sun open source Java under GPL

One of the best pieces of news in a long time.  I quote from ZDNet:

After years of requests and debates, Sun Microsystems is ready to release Java source code under a Linux-friendly license.

On Monday, it plans to put the code for the programming software under the version 2 of the General Public License (GPLv2), which governs Linux and many other open-source products. The Sun-hosted Web site will provide access to Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) software for mobile phones and Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) software for desktop applications.

This is good for everybody and in particularly the Linux community where distributions like Ubuntu is now free to re-distribute the Java platform.

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IBM still leads the race when it comes to Super Computers!

The lastest Top 500 list of Super Computers will be released on 14 Nov and to get a sneak preview head over to Top500.

IBM still heads the list with a computer with the performance of 280.6 teraflop/s, more than double the 2nd position. Overall IBM have 47.8% of the entries on the list with HP in second place with 31.2%.

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