Home, sweet home

Change the graphic at the top of the page to my home town.  That is what my workplace look like on a beautiful summers night.  The photo was take from a hill next to my house.

For those that does not recognize it … Table Mountain with Cape Town in the foreground.  And if you still lost … southern tip of Africa.

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Today I become a IBM guinea-pig !!

They will be loading some IBM software on my work laptop today to allow me to access the IBM internal network while still being connected to my customer (Safmarine) network.  This will be through some VPN connection and I am looking forward to seeing how this will be working.  At last I might have access to all things IBM and internal contact to all the IBMers I allready met via non-IBM means.

That reminds me — first thing I need to do is find out where the Leave system is.  Need to put my leave in for the the Christmas holiday period :).

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