WordPress Upgraded

I have just upgraded my instance of WrodPress from version 2.0.5 to version 2.0.6. If you see anything that is not what it should be then please let me know. Readers that get my feed via FeedBurner should pay particular attention since there was a bug in the released 2.0.6 version that has since been patched.

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Building Second Life on Linux (Ubuntu)

This one is for for Andy who is looking for a stable Linux version.  Now that the SecondLife client code is released as Open Source, he can do it himself. 

Allison Randal has build it on both Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Seems that the Mac build was a bit easier than the Linux one … Linux one build successfully but crashes when trying to log into the live SecondLife world.  Well I am sure you coding geeks will get it working, I will just wait till a good working Linux build for Ubuntu is available before I go down that road.

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