I hate packing!

My trip to IBM Denmark is just a bit too long to just take a small suitcase that will go through as hand luggage.  On top of that Denmark is moving from winter to summer so the weather can be anything from below 10 degrees to over 20.  This means one have to pack for both mild and cold weather.

I hate all this permutations … I am one of those travelers that like to throw something in a suitcase a hour or so before I am due to leave for the airport.  Do not think it is going to work this time.  Firstly I have to leave for the airport while I am halve asleep and I do not want to take the change that I leave halve of what I should take behind.  Since this is a business trip I should actually put some thought into what I will wear.  I believe the Danish people dress way more formally than us to work.  So more formal pants than just a couple of jeans which is what I wear to work here in SA.

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