Somedays I wonder … Paul Thurrott at it again. He must really hate IBM.

As most people that follows this blog knows, IBM released Lotus Notes 8 yesterday. 

The there is this guy called Paul Thurrott .. he is so pro Microsoft (bet he gets paid to say the things he does).  This is what he had to say in a newsletter:

IBM Intros New Lotus Notes, Anxious World Wonders Why

IBM this morning introduced the latest version of its messaging server, Lotus Notes 8, causing me to momentarily snap out of a caffeine-deprived coma and wonder aloud whether the company is actually still updating the software. (My wife already thinks I’m crazy, so this request went unanswered.) But I checked online and, sure enough, it does. And get this, it even notes (ahem) that Lotus Notes “competes” with Microsoft’s Exchange Server. Sounds nifty!

This is so typical of him making comments about things he knows nothing about.  Paul, just to educate you:

  • Yes it does compete with Exchange and a hell of a lot better — I have used both.
  • It also competes with MS Sharepoint and also a lot beter.
  • There is much more users of Lotus Notes than Exchange.
  • And it runs on all platforms .. not just proprietary Windows.
  • Oh and it is based on open standards — but then again MS does not really care about standards.

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