Time to buy a new camera!!

For a while now I have been contemplating buying a new Digital Camera.  The question was first whether I should buy a Point and Shoot or a DSLR.  I eventually decided, if I am going to buy then I can just as well do a good job of it so settled for DSLR. The next thing to do was what DSLR having decided that it will be a Canon.  I was between a 400D and a 450D and then the 1000D  made its appearance.

Read more about the camera here.

I have heard good things about the camera and from the 3 (400D, 450D and 1000D), it seems to be the best value for money.  Anybody has any different ideas about it or why I should not buy it?  Also if you know of any place that has the best price for it then please let me know.