SA Local Election – Done the deed in under 5 minutes – some observations and ID stamp picture going back to 1992.

Must say I was impressed with the IEC at my local voting station.  I was in and out in under 5 minutes with no issues whatsoever.  The one ballot had about 50 parties on it and must say I did not had a clue or have never heard about at least 40 of those parties.  The other ballot paper had about 30 names on it and I recognised probably about 5 of those names.  I just cannot see how the majority of those on the ballots will get any meaningfull votes.

The oher thing I observed was that the DA had a table right outside the door of the voting station.  As far as I know, parties are not allowed to do any cavasing today and under the banner of checking whether your name is on the list, thay came very close to canvasing.

I have now collected a fair amount of stanps and stickes in my ID book.  Here is a picture of it

As you can see it goes all the way back to the Referendum we had in 1992 and variuos elections since then. Can you recognised the stamp that was used today? Yes I did remember to blank out my ID number šŸ™‚

Have you done your deed today and what was your experience like?

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