16 Dae van Aktivisme teen Geweld teen Vrouens en Kinders

Gister het ‘n tydperk van 16 dae begin vir Aktivisme teen Geweld teen Vrouens en Kinders. Die wit lint simboliseer en ek haal aan in Engelse:

never commit or condone violence against women and children, and to always speak out about violence where you see it

Dit is intressant dat slegs in Suid Afrika word kinders by hierdie tydperk van aktivisme ingesluit.  Orals anders in die werêld is dit net Geweld teen Vrouens wat betrek word.

Daar is niks wat my meer kwaad maak as om te sien hoe Vrouens en Kinders mishandel word nie.  En ek praat nie hier net van fisiese mishandeling nie.  In die meeste gevalle is emosionele mishandelinge erger.  Wonde kan genees oor tyd maar emosionele seermaak genees omtrent nooit nie.

Ek maak ‘n beroep op alle mans daar buite om alle vrouens en kinders met respek en eerbied te hanteer.  En ek vra vir vrouens om op te staan vir hul regte.  Moenie toelaat dat julle misbruik en mishandel word nie.

Wanneer dit by kinders kom, is dit ieder en elk van ons plig om na kinders om te sien en hulle te beskerm.  Dit maak nie saak wiese kinders dit is nie.  Baie van daardie kinders kan nie vir hulself veg nie en maak staat op ons volwassenes om dit vir hul te doen.

RWC final and RSS feed update – 17 October 2007

It is half way to the weekend and I still do not know what I will do for watching the RWC final on Saturday evening. Need to get a group together so that we can either celebrate or drink our sorrows away after the game.  My money is on the celebration part.

Now for some stuff from my RSS feed reader:

The beauty of South Africa:

Geekdinner – Cape Town – 27 September & Wikimania

Tonight is the  Cape Town Geekdinner which I cannot attend for a second time in a row due to other commitments.  It is a pity that I will be missing this one since it is also Neil’s birthday — congrats Neil.

Also, Cape Town has put in a bit for hosting the 2008 Wikimania Conference.  It is now down to 4 cities and the decision date is 6 October.  There is still a lot to do before then so if you can help at all then please contact Ian (wikimania2008@greenman.co.za).

IOL Technology has an article on it to give you some more background.

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27dinner Cape Town report back

I actually thought a bit whether I should blog about this months 27dinner.  I arrived there somewhere before 7 and left about a hour later.  I did not enjoy it at all.

First the good:  I touch sides with Dave, Ian, Max, Eric, Henk, Miquel and also met Rafiq eventually face to face.  Had a couple of beers and that is where the good ended.

The place was just to crowded.  You could not had a decent conversation with anybody since it was so loud.  I did not stick around long enough to find out whether anybody ate anything but it must have been a mission to eat anything in a crowded room like that.

I managed to see the first presentation which was about creativity but it was hard to see anything on the screen and I lost most of the talking due to the noise levels.

Maybe it is just me but do not think this venue worked well at all.  Still think the Hotel school is an ideal venue and if it only can accommodate around 80 people then we should limit the 27dinner to that number.

More is written here:

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What is up with Facebook? Something seriously wrong with its security and privacy.

Something is really screwed up with Facebook today.  I have now been able to play scrabble as somebody else.  Look at photos of people I have no idea who they are.  And read the wall posts and personal details of a lot of other people I have no clue who they are.  Everytime I click the Profile/Home or any link in Facebook, information of some random person get displayed. 

I could just now go into some random persons profile and Edit his details — no I did not do it.

And this is not just me .. have seen in my twitter feed that Andy has the same problem so have to assume it is widespread.

Anybody got any idea what is going on.

Update: If you do not see your own information then just refresh with CNTRL-F5.  More information here.

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Facebook and business

Having read a posting by Duncan McLoad, asking the question whether Facebook is a thread to business, I want to share my views and opinion. 

Facebook is a tool just like any other tool and cannot just be banned because some decision makers do not understand the technology and the value it might add.  Yes there must be controls and guidelines around the use of it and what employees may or may not publish on it.

I am fortunate to work for a company, IBM, that operates in this space and make tools and technology available in this Web 2.0 environment. We have a similar tool inside IBM called Bluepages which is of great value in finding people with particular skills.  IBM is now selling this same technology in the form of Lotus Connections.  However this tool provide for internal community building inside a business.  How does a company build communities with it suppliers/customers and this is where Facebook has a role to play.

And not all big companies is against Facebook.  I was in a customer meeting a week or so back where the CIO of this customer promoted the use of Facebook and other Web 2.0 technologies and tools like blogging.  In his opinion, via these technologies, companies can get an idea of the pulse of their workforce.  What is the morale of the people etc?  What are the employees talking about, what are their concerns?  Some might view this as spying, I do not.  Each and everyone decide for themselves what we divulge via Facebook and why should our employers not read this?

On a similar vain.  Facebook has also helped me to get in contact with a fellow employee in a crisis situation.  Being away from my office I could use Facebook to get the telephone number of this employee, yes he was part of my friends list and luckily for me he published his phone number for his friends.  In the end I was able to contact him and he was able to resolve a crisis situation with a customer.

I have used Facebook not just inside my company to build valuable networks but have also used Facebook to get in contact with groups outside my company to add value to the work that I do.

And lastly we must also remember that Facebook is a social networking tool and work/life balance should be important to each and every company.  Employees that have a good work/life balance also tend to be happy and more productive employees.  Facebook plays a role in the social happiness of people.

See you on Facebook 🙂

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10pin bowling — And the winners are ..

Yesterday afternoon a bunch off us (about 40 – 8 teams) from work went 10pin bowling at TygerValley.  After some fierce competition there was a winning team.

In the photo from left to right is Tertia (yes the one and only from So Close), Fouche, Adam, Cobus and myself.  Now it must be said that we probably had a slight unfair advantage with Tertia in the team. What she lacked in 10pin bowling she made up in disrupting all the other teams with clicking photos of them and just getting in their way.  Thanks a lot Tertia.

In the end it was a great gathering which carried on till late in the evening for some of us.  Kevin, hope you made it home.

Thanks must go to Tertia and Andre for organizing a great afternoon/evening.

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27dinner – 27 June 2007

Firstly I am back to using ScribeFire to blog since Qumana did not live up to my expectations .. for some reason it will just die on me at the most unappropriated time.

Yesterday evening I went to the 27dinner held at the Hotel School and overall it was a great evening.  Not as good as the first one at the Hotel School but great none the less.  The food was ok .. nothing to write home about and the last talk did not go down well — rather not mention names.

Once again Stormhoek provided some wine — Graham, the pink one is not for me thanks but the Shiraz on the table was great.

I met 2 guys from Die Burger who attended this for the first time — sorry guys but with all the new people I already forgot your names.  It is good to see old media embracing new media.

Met some people in real life that I have met previously in the virtual world.  Eric and Lorynne, it is was good to meet.  Lorynne, you must have a great time in Spain.  Oh and the guy from Yeigo .. good to meet somebody whose product I am actually using.

And then there was all the old faces — Dave, Max, Nikki, Tania, Joe, Malan, Henk and a couple of people I probably have left out.

Lastly thanks for the cupcake.

Other blog entries:

I really need to find a way so that I remember the next morning who the people was that I met .. is it ok to ask for a business card or something at these kind of events? 

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Blogging, laptops, rugby and 27dinners

This blog post is written using Qumana as an offline blogging editor.  I have been using ScribeFire mostly but it was time to try something new and when Luis mentioned it in a blog entry, I gave it a try. BTW if anyone knows of a blogging tool that support ATOM publishing then let Luis know.

I got another laptop this week, unfortunately not a new one but a hand-me down, to replace my failing HP.  It is an IBM Thinkpad T42, and what a major improvement over previous laptops I had.  This is the first IBM Thinkpad I have used and now I understand why people are so happy with Thinkpads.  It just feels more robust and nothing beats the clarity and resolution of the screen.  It is just a pleasure to work on it.

This coming week it is time for Cape Town to have its 27dinner again.  It is again being held at the Hotel School and if the previous one is any indication, then this one should not be missed.  Hope to see some of you there.

I have to say something about this afternoons rugby.  To be brutally honest, I have no idea what the outcome is going to be.  My heart say Boks all the way, but I think with the injuries and changes, it is going to be an uphill battle for the Boks.  And to go into the match with a brand new captain is not going to be easy.  I am just worried that Victor might struggle in the line-outs due to the extra pressure of being the captain.  We need him at his best in the line-outs.

Now onto my all-time pet hate .. these chain e-mails that people just forward …I hate it, hate it, hate it. So if you happen to be one of those people that send this crap to me then please, and I am asking nicely, STOP it.  Anja said it even better than I could.

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