Geekdinner – Cape Town – 28 May 2007

It is another Geekdinner tonight and I cannot make it.  I looked so forward to it but having only returned from overseas make things a bit tight when it comes to time.  In any case, I still have not catch up on all my lost sleep so would probably fell asleep in my dinner.

Enjoy and see you all around next time.  Will catch up on everything when all the reports hits the blogsphere.

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Who the hell does David Bullard think he is?

Have just read his piece in the Sunday Times and wonders what gives him the right to attack us bloggers out there.  As Vincent say in his reply, there is so much inaccuracies and generalizations that I have the impression that David Bullard has no idea what blogging is all about.

I have a full time job and have no interest in becoming a journalist, hell there is a lot of people like Vincent that does a way better job than me.  But I have opinions about things that I want to share.  I have technical knowledge about my job I can share.  To do these things I do not need to be a journalist.

Just to show how little David Bullard knows.  If publishing houses find blogs like So Close interesting by printing a book out of it, who is he to say that it does not add value and that there is no following.

Maybe only 20 or 30 people read my blog but that is a couple of people that show an interest in who and what I am. It is a place I can use to have a communication with like minded people and they with me.

The Sunday Times, under whose direction and auspices, Bullard has written the piece owes each and everyone of us bloggers an apology.

So, David Bullard, get back to play with your cars on a Sunday Afternoon and leave us bloggers alone.

Update: You can read more here:

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27dinner — 27 April 2007

I went to the 27dinner last night and overall it was a great evening.  The venue was great – Neil summed it up well in his post.

It was good to meet Max, Dave, Malan, Roelof, Glen, Nikki and so many others.  Also good to see old friends and acquaintances.

Ian gave a great talk and I really enjoyed the talk on where Bru and Boegie came from.

Update:  had to add a photo … Tania and Ian + somebody that I do not know who it is 🙂

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Congratulations South Africa

Today (27 April) is  Freedom Day here in South Africa, which for those that does not know, is the 13th birthday of when South Africa become a total free and democratic society. As a fairly old South African from the pre-1994 days, I must say that I was not sure what this would mean to me.  Now 13 years on I know that the fears I had, came to nothing.  We now have a society where white, black, coloured or whatever can compete on a equal footing with one another.  Yes, we as old white male South Africans had to endure some difficulties but that just meant that we had to look at things from a different perspective and use different opportunities that came our way.

I am sure that if we in South Africa did not change all that years ago, we would have been much worse off.  I for one am a much more rounded person and has been exposed to so many other cultures and experiences which did enrich my life.

Things are not perfect but that just means that we must work harder at it.  Be more tolerable and accept that there are other views, cultures and opinions than your own.

To my fellow South Africans, celebrate this day and embrace the wonderful future that we as South African can have.  Have a wonderful celebratory day and long weekend. And to top it off we can celebrate the day further with the 27dinner tonight here in Cape Town.

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So I want an Afrigator t-shirt …

Have you joined Afrigator yet .. shame on you if you did not.  Come-on, go join so that I can get my T-shirt and who knows maybe even the iPod

Hey it is not just for me.  You are supporting a Start-up vide.  Thanks Nikki — copied this from you 🙂

While I am at it … Mike you are doing some great work here.

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Be carefull … do not steal your neighbor’s WIFI!

Do not know whether we have laws in this country that governs this but the ECT act might have something on it.  See in the UK a person was fined for using somebody’s WIFI without the persons permission.

Just had a look at all the WIFI connections available to me from the houses around me in my complex and there is a couple that is open with no security what so ever. How ethical and legal would it be if I just connect to their WIFI and started downloading?  With the restricted bandwidth that we have in SA, this can save me a bit of bandwidth for other things.  Neighbors, do not worry, I will not steal your bandwidth, but please secure your WIFI routers.

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Facebook — I feel so old!

I have been on Facebook now for a couple of weeks and still try to figure out what the audience is.  So do others.  One thing I see is that the majority is from some or other University, even in South Africa.  I have found and joined my working network and even there it seems that the only people on it is the younger generation. 

Why do I feel so old on Facebook?  Am I missing something here?  Is Facebook only for young people?  Maybe I should start my own group for all over 40’s on Facebook!  Maybe there is one already and I have just not found it.

Lot of questions I know, maybe it is just that I do not get Facebook and the purpose of it.  There must be a purpose if somebody is prepared to pay 1 billion US dollars for it.

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I like Amatomu — I lie — I love it

I just love Amatomu .. It just do what it is suppose to do right.  And every time I pay it a visit there is something new.  See today on the My Stats page that it now shows how many times one’s blog is favourited (is this spelled correctly – I copied exactly from the page).  Mine still have a big fat zero next to it.

Guys, and if there is any gals involved, you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

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Congratulations Tertia!!!!!

I fellow blogger, friend, colleague has won the SA Blog Awards. Congratulations Tertia, I am so happy for you and suppose now we will not cope at all with you in the office .. luckily you sit in a different building.  At least now I can rub shoulders with a famous person 🙂 but then you are famous in any case.

Does not matter what people say about the Blog Awards and the judging .. you deserve this one kiddo.

I know you on leave, when you back bring that new toy via my desk so that I can also play on it a bit … you promised!

Update: Here is a video of the award evening.

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