What a week!!

The past week was a real up and down week for me.  The week started off reasonably well with me going back to work and getting stuck into catching up with all the things that pilled up during the break.

But from Wednesday things got hectic.  Wednesday afternoon my daughter went into hospital for what was to be a routine operation.  Having her tonsils taken out and some work on her sinus and nose to remove some blockage.  The operation was suppose to take less than 2 hours but lasted almost 4 hours.  The sinus/nose part went fine but there was some complication with the tonsils part.  Over the past couple of months she had problems with her tonsils and they could only operate when it was properly recovered.  This was not the case and they found it to be still infected and swollen.  Lets hope that they got all of it out.

So Wednesday night was spend between the hospital and home with almost no sleep.  This is where I am so happy to have a very special friend that was prepared to go through the night with me.  I cannot even think how I would have gotten through the night without this special friend.  Thanks again .. you know who you are and I just hope you understand and know what your company meant to me.

Thursday was a very tough day seeing my daughter in pain and knowing that I cannot do much for her.  This and the fact that I was over tired meant that I did not have much sleep Thursday night either.  Seeing my daughter yesterday much better and knowing that she is over the worst made things much better.  Had a good nights sleep and am feeling much better today.

This week I came across an amazing photographer in South Africa, Andre van Rooyen. Here is one of my favourites ..

© Andre van Rooyen

Tafelberg se kleed wat afgesak het.

Table Mountain
Foto deur Marius Bock met Nokia N80

Het familie gaan besoek in Melkbosstrand gister en op pad terug het ons gestop by Jimmy’s Killer Prawns in Blouberg. Dit was ‘n koelerige laat Saterdag middag en Tafelberg het hierdie wolke gehad wat nie bo-op gelê het nie maar rondom die berg met die bokant van die berg wat uitgesteek het.

Ek het ‘n bord “prawns” gehad en my vriendin “calamari”.  In beide gevalle was dit heerlik gewees alhoewel ‘n bietjie aan die duur kant.

Die mooi van die natuur

Na ‘n moeilike Sondag, laat ek julle met een van die natuur se wonders.  Nee dit was nie ‘n depresiewe Sondag nie, in werklikheid is my uitkyk op die lewe steeds positief.  Wat die Sondag moeilik gemaak het is die wispeltierigheid van mense en veral vroumense. Hierdie klein koppie van my sal dit nooit verstaan nie.  Ek kan nie verstaan hoekom vrouens nie ‘n reguit JA of NEE kan antwoord op ‘n vraag nie.  Hoe moeilik kan dit nou wees om te besluit of mens wil braai of nie .. het mens nodig om daaroor te slaap (Nee, sy het toe nie saam gebraai nie). Daar word altyd oor dinge gedink en later terug gekom en in die meeste gevalle in elk geval met die antwoord wat ek nie wou he nie.

Maar even met daai wispeltierugheid kan ons mans nie sonder julle nie.  Julle maak die lewe net so damn moeilik.

Hierdie verskynsel word “Iridescent Clouds” genoem.  Druk op die prentjie om daaroor te lees:

Credit & Copyright: August Allen

Ek is dankbaar ….

(To my American friends — Happy Thanksgiving – now further in Afrikaans)

Gister by die werk het ek ‘n e-pos gekry wat vertel van ‘n kolega wie se pa in ‘n rooftog dood is.  Die rooftog het by sy huis plaas gevind.  Ek ken die persoon wat dood is van geen kant en die kolega ken ek net van werk. 

Wat my wel tref is die invloed wat dit op my gehad het, en nogsteeds het en dit sluit aan by my vorige inskrywing.  Ek besef opnuut hoe my probleme absoluut niks is teenoor wat ander mense in die lewe mee worstel nie.  Ek kla omdat ek depressief op ‘n Sondagmiddag raak omdat ek vervelig is.  Intussen is daar ander mense wat treur omdat geliefdes en vriende van hulle weggeneem word.

Gisteraand het ek my voorgeneem dat ek die lewe verder gaan ingaan met ‘n nuwe uitkyk.  Ek gaan nie toelaat dat negatiewieteit, swartgalligheid en top oor klein dingetjies my lewe reageer nie.

Ek het opnuut besef hoe kosbaar en waardevol mens se tyd saam met vriende en vriendinne is. Die lewe is kort en as ons nie elke oomblik kosbaar maak nie dan verloor ons dit.  Tyd is iets wat ons nooit weer kan oor he nie.  En die dag as daai spesiale vriend of vriendin nie meer daar is nie dan is mens spyt oor al die dinge wat mens nie saam gedoen het nie.

Die somer is op hande.  Gryp elke oomblik aan om so veel as moontlik tyd te spandeer met die mense en dinge wat kosbaar is vir jou.  Ek gaan dit doen

Vandag is ek opnuut dankbaar vir:

  • 2 wonderlike kinders (Seun het vandag sy laaste matriek eksamen geskryf)
  • spesialle vriende/vriendinne met wie ek dinge kan deel (Dankie R – jy weet wie jy is)
  • goeie werk (kan nie veel se nie maar hou die pers volgende week dop)
  • plek om te bly
  • finansieel goed genoeg om redelik goed te lewe
  • my gesondheid
  • en so baie ander klein dingetjies.

Ek dink ook vandag aan ander wat:

  • nie kos het om te eet nie
  • iewers op straat moet slaap
  • met een of ander sieke worstel – (Alida ek dink aan jou)
  • nie vriende/vriendinne het nie

En om af te sluit is ek dankbaar om in so ‘n wonderlike plek soos Kaapstad te bly.

Click on image to see more at deviantART 

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Why I love summer …

Yesterday morning I went to brunch with a friend and her kids.  We ended up at Hammers and Spanners which is in Willowbridge just outside Tygervalley. We sat outside under the great summer sun looking out over the river below.  The kids could run around in the nursery which is at the back and look at all the animals that they have there.

The food was not anything to write home about.  Bit expensive and the portions was real small.  But the service was great, friendly and the owner made a point of starting friendly chats with everybody.  And the company was great.

This is what make’s summer great.  Being able to enjoy the outdoors and not being cooped up between four walls.

Hope the wind stay away today, want to pack a cooler and go to the beach this afternoon.

The week that was.

A while back I posted about Kimi that won the F1 championship or NOT.  McLaren appealed against the result of the Brazilian GP and the hearing was yesterday and McLaren’s appeal was rejected.  Kimi was then confirmed as F1 World Champion.  Congrats to Kimi and Ferrari for winning both the drivers and constructors titles.

On a personal front .. what a hectic week.  As mentioned earlier, I started a new job and what a hectic week.  I still had some stuff to handover from my previous engagement to  the person that is taking over from me so had to commute between Cape Town and Bellville a couple of times. Coming week will be more of the same and then things should start to get back to normal.  Good luck Margie with all the new stuff.  The new job is going as well as can be expected.  Attending lots of meetings and get to know a lot of new faces, names and roles.  A big plus is that it takes me now only about 10 minutes from my house to the office.

This all did not leave much time for social life.  I will try to get some relaxing time in over this weekend by going to brunch this morning to catch up with a friend.

My son is off to Stellenbosch varsity next year and he did not make it into residence so we are now frantically looking for accommodation in Stellenbosch.  If anybody know of something decent and not to expensive then please either leave a comment or contact me via my contact page.

Here is a photo I took earlier this morning from my balcony.  What an amazing place I live in.
Sunrise 2
Image:  Marius Bock taken with Nokia N80

I did it !!! weekend without TV and laptop.

I went away for the longweekend to Plett and had a very relaxing weekend.  Will post some photos later.

What I found rather amazing is that I went the whole weekend without ever switching on the TV and opening my laptop.  Yes I missed the rugby between SA and Tonga (believe it was not a good game) and the semi’s and final off the Twenty20 cricket.  I do now know that India won, congrats to India.

The bad thing of a weekend like this is that email build up (although most of that is SPAM) and have an RSS reader with almost 2300 entries.

It was good just to break away with good company and just have a great weekend.  Thanks to those that spend the weekend with me, you know who you are :).

Today is back to the grindstone and trying to do 5 days work in 4 days.

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Now this sucks

Voting is open for SA Blog Awards and as a colleague and friend of mine has the best blog in SA I wanted to go an cast my vote. Well the voting site have problems …

Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: #08004Too many connections in /usr/www/users/sabloga/includes/db.class.php on line 27
Sorry, cannot connect to the database.

Please guys, fix your site … get somebody that knows a bit about MySQL and up those connections .. cannot think that on a Sunday morning you should run out of connections. How many connections do you allow — 10??

While I am at it .. if you have never read Tertia’s blog ‘So Close’, please do yourself a favor and read it.  Yes, it talks a lot about female stuff like PMS, infertility, babies but she writes it in such a way that us males even enjoy reading it.

BTW Tertia, figured out how to get you blog via RSS feed for my feedreader.  Will show you on Monday so you can add a link somewhere for all the people that does not use Bloglines or Google Reader.

Update: The error is fixed and I casted my vote … so Tertia, if you win that MacBook then you owe me …

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