Springbok Rugby: What a farce

After watching yesterday test between SA and NZ (btw for those that does not know, the score was NZ:45 SA:26), I am seriously starting to think that rugby in SA is a big farce.  Then White goes on to say that there is no need to panic.  Well he is obviously living in a dream world. 

It is time he is brought to book and fired and also then select the players that is on form and not has beens like John Smit, Percy and the rest.

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Using Windows Live Writer to Blog

Downloaded the beta of Windows Live Writer and using to blog this … on first glance it actually looks good.  Even recognizes the theme I use in my blog.

Only thing I miss is interface to Technorati Tags.  Maybe it does and I just have not found it.

Update (15 Aug):  Found a plugin to insert tags called Tag4Writer — lets see whether it works by inserting tags into this blog entry.

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From Safmarine Computer Services(SCS) to IBM SA

Safmarine has outsourced their computing requirements to IBM South Africa for the next 10 years and with it all staff (that includes me) will be moving to IBM subject to approval by the competitions board.  So sometime in the future when the transition process is complete, I will become part of the IBM family.  Will have to see whether this is a good or bad thing — time will tell.

To read more about it visit – http://www.moneyweb.co.za/shares/ict_sector/920207.htm

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