The Nokia N8 — first Symbian^3 phone

So the Nokia N8 was officially released as if we did not know what was coming, if you read the rumour mill.  Here is what it looks like:

Yes, from what I can gather, in all the colours of the rainbow.  I have seen pictures of it in red and blue also.  That camera you see can do 12MP stills and 720p videos.

The one negative I have heard was regarding Symbian^3.  This is the first phone that sports it and by all accounts, the people are not impressed with it.  Much the same as Symbian^1 which Nokia currently uses.  There is nothing really new in it.

I will keep an open mind until such time I have it in my hands and can do a proper review of it.

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SEO business is a rip-off — well at least some of them.

I was asked by a company to advise them on their business processes and how to automate this and just create an more integrated online environment.  While I was meeting with them, they mentioned to me that they pay another company R2500.00 a month for a SEO report.  I asked to have a look at the report that was produced and what a rip-off.  This report is just taking Google Analytics data and represent it in some Word doc report form. 

This I think is not on.  How can somebody do this?  What value is added for this R2500.00 .. in my view, absolutely nothing.

I know there is other SEO companies that does add value by evaluating keywords, meta tags and other content to ensure that one ends up higher in search engine searches.  In this report from this company I could not find any recommendations like this.

I immediately advised then to get rid of this SEO company.  

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Ubuntu Jobs: What does it take to work for Canonical – I am asking?

I suppose there is lots like me that would love to work for Canonical.  Now there is the why and the what.  Here is my why and hopefully my readers can pitch in with the what part.

So why?

  • I believe in what Canonical is trying to achieve with Ubuntu and the way they are going about doing it. 
  • I use Ubuntu daily as both my work machine and also my home and entertainment machine.
  • It would be great to be able to say that I had a small part of bringing Ubuntu to the world.  Had some small part already in doing some translations and reporting some bugs.
  • Working with the best there is, is just awesome.
  • I can work at home in the beautiful Cape Town and at the same time travel to other destinations all over the world.
  • I am a professional Project Manager and believe that with my experience and skills, I can contribute and add value to the process of bringing each Ubuntu release to market.  Running time-based projects is not the easiest of things particularly when the resources delivering that is spread across the world.
  • Since Ubuntu has it’s roots in South Africa, I would love to work for Ubuntu as a South African.  About time some South African blood and culture gets added to the Canonical mix :).  From what I believe, Mark is the sole South African working at Canonical.

Some of the jobs that would suit me:

So what do you think it would take to work for Canonical?  Here is some that I have come up with:

  • Be able to operate in a global diverse team.
  • Be able to work across various timezones.
  • Be able to diligent, logical and precise.
  • Have great time-management skills.
  • Have great communication skills particularly electronic communication skills.
  • Be great at what you doing … in my case Project Management.
  • Be passionate about Open Source and the promotion of the Open Source environment.
  • Be innovative and prepared to change and accept change.

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