RWC DDay and Site upgraded to WordPress 2.3

I eventually got around to upgrade this site to WordPress 2.3.  It was reasonable painless exercise by following the instructions found here. If you do found any quirks or things wrong, please let me know.

Today is RWC DDay .. less than 7 hours to go.  This morning I spend some time in the shops and people from all ages were wearing green and rugby jerseys in particular.  I popped into a liquor store quickly and by looking at the queue, a lot of beers and other booze will be consumed tonight.  I just hope it is not to be used to drown our sorrows after the game.

Today is a day like this here in Cape Town … it is 31 degrees Celsius outside with hardly and wind.

cocomment — Never miss a comment follow-up again

I comment fairly often on other people’s blog entries but always forget to return to see what responses I receive on my comments.  Not anymore.  Thanks to Miguel dos Santos for putting me onto cocomment. With a Firefox extension (everybody is using Firefox, right) or even adding a plug-in to your own hosted blog, you can now track all you comments in one central place.  How neat.

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This blog has been upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3

Have just upgraded this bolg to WordPress 2.1.3.  I quote

These releases include fixes for several publicly known minor XSS issues, one major XML-RPC issue, and a proactive full sweep of the WordPress codebase to protect against future problems.

You can read more here.

If there is any problems then please leave a comment.

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WordPress 2.1.1 has security hole — upgrade.

Via o! Just Me I found out that running WordPress 2.1.1 can be a dangerous thing.  If you do then go and download WordPress 2.1.2 and upgrade.

Update: This blog is also now updated and run WordPress 2.1.2 — let me know if you find something that is not what you think it should be

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Community Building

Over the last couple of days you will notice 2 new things in the side bar and both is around community building.  The first, MyBlogLog, is to show who is visiting my blog and take an interest in my ramblings.  Obviously to see yourself listed there, you need to register at MyBlogLog.

The second is what is called a AutoRoll … it gives an indication of what visitors to my blog read on the Internet.  Again to be part of this, you need to register at AutoRoll.  This service is still in beta but I have already found some interesting commonalities between what I read and what my visitors read.

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Now powered by WordPress 2.1

This blog is now powered by WordPress 2.1.  The only real issue that I had was that my Links and Blogroll in the sidebar did not work properly.  For some reason the developers of WordPress has decided to combine the Links categories with the Posts categories which meant that the index numbering for the Links categories got changed so not to clash with the Posts categories.  I had some hardcoded (will teach me not to hardcode things) category indexes in my sidebar so had to change my templates.

If there is any issue you encounter when visiting my blog, (btw thanks for visiting), please leave a comment here.

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