Sunset Rainbow

Sometime nature can just be wonderful .. with the setting sun we got an amazing rainbow.  This rainbow stretched from one side to the other but as a learning photographer with no wide-angle lens yet, I totally forgot to take a series of photos to stitch together for a panoramic.  Hey this is the way one learns.  Here are some of the photos.

I got this aeroplane flying in front, through :), behind the rainbow.  It was a quick “mik” and shoot so it is a bit blurry but I got the plane.

Start of the rainbow


and end of the rainbow.

Full set can be found here in my gallery.

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Photoshoot — Durbanville area

Yesterday, when there was a break in the whether, I took a drive to an area just outside Durbanville to go take some photos.  It was an overcast day which is perfect for photography.  Here are some of my photos.  I did no post processing on the photos.  People familiar with the area will immediately recognise the area.

Love the contrast between the old and new.

With autumn, the colours in the vineyards are just amazing.

And found some wildlife just next to the road.

More photos from this shoot can be found here: Durbanville – 20090517

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Why UbuntuOne if I have Dropbox?

There is a lot of talk going on about UbuntuOne.  All I have to say is that the Ubuntu trademark belongs to Canonical and they can do with it what they want to.  Also they are a business and surely they have the right to make money, and if that is by using their own trademark, why not.

However today I want to ask why I should use UbuntuOne instead of DropBox.  I have not used UbuntuOne yet, still waiting on my invite, so this is based on what I have read.  UbuntuOne only support Linux and to be more specific Ubuntu.  Also I could not gather how seamless it is integrated into Nautiuls.  I have been using Dropbox now for a while and has just worked perfectly.  I can share files with Windows and/or Mac users.  When I run out of my free space on Dropbox I can upgrade and it seems to be cheaper than what UbuntuOne offers.

Dropbox is not perfect.  I would like to see better KDE support .. yes one can get it working but it is not nicely integrated.  Also I would like to see the possibility to sync more than one folder.

So for the time being I am a happy Dropbox user.

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Drives of a Lifetime

National Geographic put together a list of what they reckon is drives one should take. Quoting from them:

 Sometimes it’s the journey, sometimes it’s the destination—and sometimes, it’s both. National Geographic Traveler has scoured the globe for the world’s most beautiful, interesting, and off-beat road trips. Dive in to get drive directions, quizzes, photos, and more.

They included drives in Italy, Canada, Hawai, America and much more.  However I could not find any from South Africa.  Here I immediately think of paces like the Sani Pass.  Are there any that you think should be on this list?

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Dove on my stoep

A day or so ago this dove was sitting on the railing of my balcony. 

It was there before but everytime I opened the door to take a photo it flew away.  This time when I opened the door it just stayed there.  I first thought there was something wrong with the dove but when I got real close to it, it flew off.

A day or so later, the same dove was visiting again and again it did not flew away when I opened the door.  I walked around on the balcony and it just watched me.  Think this dove is taking a liking in me.

More photos from my new best friend – yes I know it is a bird.

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