Now this sucks

Voting is open for SA Blog Awards and as a colleague and friend of mine has the best blog in SA I wanted to go an cast my vote. Well the voting site have problems …

Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: #08004Too many connections in /usr/www/users/sabloga/includes/db.class.php on line 27
Sorry, cannot connect to the database.

Please guys, fix your site … get somebody that knows a bit about MySQL and up those connections .. cannot think that on a Sunday morning you should run out of connections. How many connections do you allow — 10??

While I am at it .. if you have never read Tertia’s blog ‘So Close’, please do yourself a favor and read it.  Yes, it talks a lot about female stuff like PMS, infertility, babies but she writes it in such a way that us males even enjoy reading it.

BTW Tertia, figured out how to get you blog via RSS feed for my feedreader.  Will show you on Monday so you can add a link somewhere for all the people that does not use Bloglines or Google Reader.

Update: The error is fixed and I casted my vote … so Tertia, if you win that MacBook then you owe me …

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