What a week!!

The past week was a real up and down week for me.  The week started off reasonably well with me going back to work and getting stuck into catching up with all the things that pilled up during the break.

But from Wednesday things got hectic.  Wednesday afternoon my daughter went into hospital for what was to be a routine operation.  Having her tonsils taken out and some work on her sinus and nose to remove some blockage.  The operation was suppose to take less than 2 hours but lasted almost 4 hours.  The sinus/nose part went fine but there was some complication with the tonsils part.  Over the past couple of months she had problems with her tonsils and they could only operate when it was properly recovered.  This was not the case and they found it to be still infected and swollen.  Lets hope that they got all of it out.

So Wednesday night was spend between the hospital and home with almost no sleep.  This is where I am so happy to have a very special friend that was prepared to go through the night with me.  I cannot even think how I would have gotten through the night without this special friend.  Thanks again .. you know who you are and I just hope you understand and know what your company meant to me.

Thursday was a very tough day seeing my daughter in pain and knowing that I cannot do much for her.  This and the fact that I was over tired meant that I did not have much sleep Thursday night either.  Seeing my daughter yesterday much better and knowing that she is over the worst made things much better.  Had a good nights sleep and am feeling much better today.

This week I came across an amazing photographer in South Africa, Andre van Rooyen. Here is one of my favourites ..

© Andre van Rooyen