WordPress 2.8 RSS problem – caused by rouge plugin

In my previous post on WP 2.8 I mentioned the RSS Fatal error problem.  I have found the cause of the problem and it is a plugin I use for the Lifestream page I have.  The plugin in question is SimpleLife – the version I am using is 1.3 which seem to be the latest.  The one on the WordPress.org site shows version 1.2 and the maintainers site gives a 404 error. 

I have disabled the plugin and now the RSS feed on the Admin Dashboard is working fine with no Fatal Error.  This has broken my Lifestream page.  Will go and find a similar plugin to populate the Lifestream page.

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Gift from Google – Adwords

I received this R1000.00 Adwords gift from Google and since I have never checked Google’s Ad stuff out I decided to give it a try.

Also decided to try their Adsense thingy, that is why you see ads to the right and if you get this via a feed, at the bottom.  Maybe, just maybe, somebody click on it and I will get a cent coming my way in a couple for year when it is big enough for Google to make a payment.

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