One Chapter comes to an end, and another start – new work.

In a week’s time I will be officially unemployed for a couple of days .. luckily only a couple of days.  It is that small period after leaving my current job at IBM and start my new job.

Next Friday, 13 August will be my last day at IBM after almost 5 years at IBM.  Working for one of the biggest companies in the world is an experience in itself.  I have learned so much over these past 5 years.  Working in virtual teams with people from over the world is something one has to learn and experience.  IBM have managed to do that mostly right.  But working for IBM can also be very frustrating.  It is like a bureaucratic government organization where the wheels turn very slowly.  It is process and procedure upon process and procedure.  Everything gets double and triple checked. 

Then I will be unemployed for a whole 4 days – can I go stand in the queue for UIF 🙂 I will be starting at AAPM (All About Project Management) on the 18th as Development Manager.  Looking forward in getting back to my roots per se .. working with a group of techies doing software development.  As most of you know, I am a techie by hart and it will be great to plow back my experience from on of the biggest companies to a smaller niche company that specializes in Project Management software and tools.

The thing about social networking and the global world we live and work in means that the people I have met at IBM will not just disappear.  All of them are someway connected via Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn or some other network.