Is age discrimination legal when employing people — Naspers think it is.

Naspers has a advert going for a Programme Manager at the moment — yes I know it is Naspers after making inquiries about it.  Without even looking at the skills and experience I could offer, I was told that they will only look at candidates of around 30 to 35.

I am no legal expert but I am sure that the constitution of this country guarantees one against any form of discrimination whether it be age, gender, religion or race.  The race one is a bit different since exceptions are being made for BEE and Affirmative Action and that I can accept.  What I however cannot accept is discrimination based on age.  Who in their right mind can think that a 30-35 year old person can be a better fit than a 52 year old person  without even looking what the person can offer or even talking to the person.  

It is a very big mis conception that only young people understand the technology environment that operates today and that only young people understand social media like Twitter and Facebook.  These young people should get off their high horses and acknowledge that there is older people around that knows just as much as they do or even more.  And in particular the media industry needs to understand this.  It is time that companies start to learn that experience count a lot more than great ideas … great ideas needs to be executed and put into practice.