Working with old colleagues again — Fundamo and having some fun.

Up until August 2010, Herman (above) and I worked together at IBM South Africa, in fact sitting right next to one another.  I then went my way doing some things and Herman joined Fundamo in January this year.   I then joined (in fact returned) Fundamo earlier this month and yesterday we both attended an internal function celebrating the work Fundamo did on the MTN account during the second quarter.  While having great fun, we talked about the road that led us to where we are and how things tend to go in circles since a couple of years ago we also worked together on MTN account but at that time as IBMers.

One had to dress up as one’s favourite movie star and who can guess what Herman was dressed up as?

Upgrade to WordPress 3.2 having to resort to Manual upgrade mode.

I have just upgraded this blog to WordPress 3.2 and for the first time in a long while I had to revert to the manual method.  While doing the automatic upgrade, I got a Server 500 error (seems to be a common thing with DreamHost) and was left in maintenance mode.

Getting rid of the maintenance mode was easy – just delete the .maintenance file in the root of the blog.  But the failed upgrade left the upgrade in an unstable state – some files were upgraded while other were still at their old versions.

I then just went through a manual upgrade using FTP and now everything seems to be back to normal running WordPress 3.2.

If you spot something out of the ordinary then please drop me a comment so that I can have a look at it.

Happy reading.