Life’s biggest Regret – do not kill your dreams

Do not kill your dreams. A study was done with about 100 people on their death bed and they were asked what their biggest regret were and surprising the answer was, not the things they have done but what they have not done during their life.

Have a look at this video below, do not be one of that “kinda” people.

Are you happy — if not then do something.

I came across this infographic and it is so true but we seldom do it.

We get so stuck into where we are and are so scared of change that it start to eat us up from the inside.  Take control and start to do something that will end up making you happy.

I am in the process of exactly doing that. 

Today on PostSecret – secrets we all carry.

One of the first things I do on a Sunday morning is reading PostSecret.  It is were people sent their secrets on a postcard and it gets published. 

From today’s, the following caught my eye.  I wonder how many of us go through life like this.

In this first one, it this why we do not allow people close to us?

And I am sure most of the time we do this.