Google Wave invitations up for grabs.

I just saw that my available invitations was bumped up to 15 .. so who wants? 

Couple of requirements:

  • Must be South African — will not insist on you being Capetownian but that will count bonus points.
  • Females will get preference .. sorry guys.
  • Give me some reason in the comments why you want one. 
  • Non-bulls supporters do get bonus points .. had to get that one in.
  • I will use the email address in your comment to send the invitation to.

So if you want a Google Wave invite then please comment and give me some indication that you adhere to the above criteria.

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Blogging about Wave

Have just received an invitation to Google Wave. Included in the invite was 8 invites I can share with other people. I have invited 2 other people so that I can at least try and test out what Google Wave is all about. But from what I have gathered, the activating of one’s invites is a manual process and can take a while. I see that I have 2 other Contacts that is using Wave — Paul and Nafisa, I might just include you in some stuff I play with to see how it works 🙂  If there is anybody out there that is using Wave and want to add me to your Waves to experiment/play with some stuff, then you are more than welcome.

I used Google Wave to write this blog post, but had to manually add it to my blog. It would be nice if there was an Extention in Wave to integrate with one’s blogging platform and one can post directly to one’s blog.

One thing that I found that does not work is CNTRL-Z (undo) in the editor. Would have thought that something like this would work. CNTRL-C and CNTRL-V does work.

I will be back when I have mastered some of what Wave has to offer and give my opinion on it.
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