What you need to know about Project Management.

Project Management Truths:

  • A project is one small step for the project sponsor, one giant leap for the project manager.
  • Good project management is not so much knowing what to do and when, as knowing what excuses to give and when.
  • If everything is going exactly to plan, something somewhere is going massively wrong.
  • Everyone asks for a strong project manager – when they get him they don’t want him.
  • Overtime is a figment of the naïve project manager’s imagination.
  • Quantitative project management is for predicting cost and schedule overruns well in advance.
  • Good project managers know when not to manage a project.
  • All project managers face problems on Monday mornings – good project managers are working on next Monday’s problems.
  • Metrics are learned men’s excuses.
  • For a project manager overruns are as certain as death and taxes.

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