Will the IBM/SUN deal happen?

I have not said anything about the said deal yet.  I have just read an InfoWorld article by Neil McAllister and must say that I agree with him.  This deal would be good for IBM and so more for us that work in the Application Development area within IBM. 

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Photos from the week past

Cape Town is one of the host cities for World Cup 2010 and a new stadium is busy being build.  Here, the half (or maybe three quarter) build stadium is covered with mist.  Hope that it is not an indication that this stadium will become a ghost stadium

Yesterday, myself and a friend (thanks Marita) spend the afternoon in Houtbay enjoying some fish and chips.  The wind was howling as can be seen from the white on the water and it was really unpleasant but it was nice none the less.

Houtbay without fishing boats is not Houtbay and being so unpleasant and windy all the boats were in the harbor as can be seen here.

Currently it is very hot in Cape Town and there is fires burning in the Stellenbosch/Somerset West mountains and the sky is covered with smoke. On my way, taking my son to varsity in Stellenbosch, I took this photo of the sun behind the smoke.

This photo does not do it justice since the sun was bright red, not pink like in the photo.

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