The day this blog made the front page of Slashdot – fame at last.

In the techie world, making the front of Slashdot is a big thing or for some, a really bad thing.  The bad thing is that it can bring your server to its knees with the amount of traffic it can send your way .. luckily in my case that did not happen. The big thing is that you are on the radar for a while and if you lucky (which I was), also get a few Google ad clicks.

As mentioned before, I got slashdotted and here is a screenshot to commemorate that occurance. 

This screen capture is from my Google Reader RSS feed of Slashdot.  The highlighted piece above is the text that was link to my blog post

While I am typing this, the pageviews of that post and other posts on my blog are still climbing.  It will be interesting how long the traffic will last and to what levels it will return? Interesting times for a little blog like mine.  Would it not be nice to have this kind of traffic each and every day?  Think 6000 visitors per day can generate a fair amount of advertising income.  Should I re-consider my day job? 🙂 .. think not.

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