27dinner Cape Town report back

I actually thought a bit whether I should blog about this months 27dinner.  I arrived there somewhere before 7 and left about a hour later.  I did not enjoy it at all.

First the good:  I touch sides with Dave, Ian, Max, Eric, Henk, Miquel and also met Rafiq eventually face to face.  Had a couple of beers and that is where the good ended.

The place was just to crowded.  You could not had a decent conversation with anybody since it was so loud.  I did not stick around long enough to find out whether anybody ate anything but it must have been a mission to eat anything in a crowded room like that.

I managed to see the first presentation which was about creativity but it was hard to see anything on the screen and I lost most of the talking due to the noise levels.

Maybe it is just me but do not think this venue worked well at all.  Still think the Hotel school is an ideal venue and if it only can accommodate around 80 people then we should limit the 27dinner to that number.

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