Reach for a Dream needs your help!!!

Everyday I come to the realization how fortunate I am.  I have people I call my friends and people that call me their friends.   I have great kids who are healthy and do most of the things they want to do.  However there are lots of people and especially kids that have dreams but have no way in getting there.  That is where Reach for a Dream comes in.  It is one of my favourite charities and you can also help.

Richard Mulvey will be climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Reach for a Dream foundation.  Here is a video about the climb:

If you can help then please pledge via this form.  Every little bit will help to make some kid’s dream come true.

My blogging friends, please follow Mike’s and my lead and spread the word about this and post a blog entry.

I always wanted to go climb Kilimanjaro and this is just a little more inspiration to go and do it.