Saying Goodbye with impromptu farewell song.

Yesterday was my last working day at Old Mutual before I am joining Fundamo / Visa next Friday, 1 July.  The team got together and gave me a farewell (pity some of the team members were off sick).  Although I was only working 5 months with the team, it was one of the most enjoyable 5 months.  The team are very professional and although there was some big debates and sometimes disagreements, it never got personal and I had a great relationship with each and everyone of them.

What a pleasant surprise was it when one of my team members brought out a guitar and sang a farewell song.  I had to video it and here is the clip.  Excuse the sound quality.

Thanks to each and everyone for the nice words.  I will surely miss the team and I just want to wish you all the best with the launch over the next month or so.  Will keep in touch and you better invite me to the launch party.

Classic Photo — Vancouver kissing couple while riot is going on [not kissing but hurt]

This is such a classic photo … just shows that if you want to make out then nothing is going to stop you.

Update: It has come to light that the couple was not actually kissing but the girl was knocked over and hurt.  Her boyfriend was actually looking after her.  Just goes to show that a picture does not always say a 1000 words … well the correct 1000 words.

Moving to Fundamo (Visa) – exiting times ahead.

A while ago I blocked about working for a specific company and that reality has come true.  At that point it was just Fundamo (a fairly small South African company) that operates in the mobile banking space.  I worked for them 10 years ago when they were a real startup tucked away in some corner of the Sanlam Headoffice building.  It was always my idea to return to them in some way.

On 1 July 2011 I will be joining them as a Project Manager supporting one of their big customers at a office that is less than 3 km from my home.  I will be joining a company that I have a lot of respect for and also a lot of friends at .. it is like returning home.  Never in my wildest dreams did I even contemplate that I would be joining a much bigger company called Visa .. if you did not hear, Fundamo was bought by Visa earlier this week.

After leaving IBM last year, I spend some time as a hourly contractor working on a very interesting and technolgy advance project at Old Mutual.  It was great working there and the team was great (one of the best I have worked with) but when the opprotunity came knocking to join Fundamo (Visa), I had to grab with both hands. On the one hand, I am sad leaving the OM project but on the other hand, I am so excited to be joining Fundamo (Visa) particularly with the exciting times that lay ahead after their acquisition by Visa. 

See you all there on 1 July and keep the coffee fresh and warm.  Herman I am looking at you 🙂


Weekend away in nature

I spend the weekend away on a smallholding the other side of Somerset West just before you get to Sir Lowry’s Pass.  It was so good to spend the time outside the hussle and bussle of town life and be in a relaxing environment away from everything.  The house is standing on a smallholding amongs all this massive trees.  Although it was raining most of the time, there was some breaks in the rain where we could walk around in the gardens.  Here are some pictures I took.

At the bottom end is a river that run through the property. Here you can see the water making a small waterfall as it runs over a wall.

The house looking back from the river.  

With all the rain and cold it was nice that the house had a fireplace and we had a fire going quickly.  

Good company, some red wine and the nature all around you.  What else can a guy ask for 🙂