Saying Goodbye with impromptu farewell song.

Yesterday was my last working day at Old Mutual before I am joining Fundamo / Visa next Friday, 1 July.  The team got together and gave me a farewell (pity some of the team members were off sick).  Although I was only working 5 months with the team, it was one of the most enjoyable 5 months.  The team are very professional and although there was some big debates and sometimes disagreements, it never got personal and I had a great relationship with each and everyone of them.

What a pleasant surprise was it when one of my team members brought out a guitar and sang a farewell song.  I had to video it and here is the clip.  Excuse the sound quality.

Thanks to each and everyone for the nice words.  I will surely miss the team and I just want to wish you all the best with the launch over the next month or so.  Will keep in touch and you better invite me to the launch party.

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