Snow on the mountains

As mentioned in my previous posting, my daughter spend the day in Stellenbosch writing admission tests.  Yesterday afternoon when I went to fetch her, I saw the snow covered mountain peeks.  Now you all know why it is so freezing cold here in Cape Town.

You can see the full scale image and more in my gallery here.

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Low hanging clouds – winter is coming

On Tygerberg Hill are some radio masks and this morning one of the masks was sticking out above the clouds.

It is an overcast day here in Cape Town and the air is starting to get nippy.  Winter is on its way but there is something not right with the weather here in the Cape.  What is this with the thunder this morning and it is not the first time this month.  We are not suppose to get thunder and lightning here in the Cape. 

More photos here: My Photo Gallery – Clouds

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Photos from the week past

Cape Town is one of the host cities for World Cup 2010 and a new stadium is busy being build.  Here, the half (or maybe three quarter) build stadium is covered with mist.  Hope that it is not an indication that this stadium will become a ghost stadium

Yesterday, myself and a friend (thanks Marita) spend the afternoon in Houtbay enjoying some fish and chips.  The wind was howling as can be seen from the white on the water and it was really unpleasant but it was nice none the less.

Houtbay without fishing boats is not Houtbay and being so unpleasant and windy all the boats were in the harbor as can be seen here.

Currently it is very hot in Cape Town and there is fires burning in the Stellenbosch/Somerset West mountains and the sky is covered with smoke. On my way, taking my son to varsity in Stellenbosch, I took this photo of the sun behind the smoke.

This photo does not do it justice since the sun was bright red, not pink like in the photo.

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DTP #7: Location, Location, Location


Over the past 2 weekends, I have been helping friends, Melanie & Hendrik, renovating their flat which they going to rent out.  Above picture shows the view from one of their windows.   How goes the saying, Location, Location, Location – how true is it about this.  Cannot think of a better view anywhere in South Africa, in fact the world. Well except maybe the view from my new IBM Office.

Cape Town Office Move - 1st floor view

DTP #6: Windy Cape Town

Windy Cape Town

This is the picture that met me on my way to work this morning.  Table Mountain with its cloth.  Old Cape Townians know that this is an indication of lots of wind.  And true to its word – it is very windy in Cape Town at the moment.

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Braaidag and it is raining in Cape Town

Today is Heritage day in South Africa and also National “Braaidag” (For my non-Afrikaans friends, that is BBQ day).  The weather is playing havoc with us here in Cape Town.  This is what it looks like from my balcony.

Rainy Cape Town

Definitely not a great day for Braaing. At least my braai is on my balcony and under roof but it is unpleasant there.  Will have to see if I get around to it.  Time to find somebody with a indoor braai. Tags: ,,,

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DTP# 4: Two sides of the same coin.


Rainbow over Cape Town while I was driving home from work.  Those of you that know Cape Town will know these bridges – this is the half build bridges which is now earning the city lots of money being used in adverts and movies.

Sononder 1 20080803

Two days later on my way back from Stellenbosch after dropping my son at varsity, I saw this view.  This is taken from the Polkadraai road between Stellenbosch and Kuilsriver.  Those of you that do not recognise the mountain .. its Tablemountain.

DTP #3: Cape Town today

Yes I know I said that it will be Daily but due to unforeseen circumstances it got to way less than Daily. 

This is the sunrise this morning as taken from my house …


And this is the view from my office of beautiful Table Mountain …


How can one not love staying in this wonderful part of the world.