Who the hell does David Bullard think he is?

Have just read his piece in the Sunday Times and wonders what gives him the right to attack us bloggers out there.  As Vincent say in his reply, there is so much inaccuracies and generalizations that I have the impression that David Bullard has no idea what blogging is all about.

I have a full time job and have no interest in becoming a journalist, hell there is a lot of people like Vincent that does a way better job than me.  But I have opinions about things that I want to share.  I have technical knowledge about my job I can share.  To do these things I do not need to be a journalist.

Just to show how little David Bullard knows.  If publishing houses find blogs like So Close interesting by printing a book out of it, who is he to say that it does not add value and that there is no following.

Maybe only 20 or 30 people read my blog but that is a couple of people that show an interest in who and what I am. It is a place I can use to have a communication with like minded people and they with me.

The Sunday Times, under whose direction and auspices, Bullard has written the piece owes each and everyone of us bloggers an apology.

So, David Bullard, get back to play with your cars on a Sunday Afternoon and leave us bloggers alone.

Update: You can read more here:

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