Makro service (good) and Canon Powershot SX10 IS

We as South African complain so much about the bad service that we receive in this country but when we get good service we tend to keep quiet about it.  Today I want to talk about the good (actually great) service I received from Makro.

I receive Makro’s catalogs via email and they advertised a Vodacom Weekender contract for R135.00 plus a Canon Powershot SX119 camera for free. Knowing that you do not get a SX119 camera, I send an email mentioning the mistake and asked whether this free camera is the Canon Powershot SX110 or the Canon Powershot SX10.  Makro responded that it is the SX10.  Knowing that the SX10 cost R2000.00 more than the SX110, I double checked with them and they confirmed that I will receive the SX10.  Now if you make the calculation of R135.00 for 24 months plus connection fee of R202.00 means that I can get a R5000.00 camera for about R3500.00.

I went down to my closest Makro (Milnerton) and showed them the email with the confirmation that I can get a SX10 with the Vodacom Weekender contract.  Not surprising, they said that it is the SX110 and not the SX10 as mentioned in the email.  Not wanting to argue with the lady behind the counter, she was just doing her job, I just left and then send a complaint email via Makro’s website explaining the situation.

The next day I received a telephone call from Makro Milnerton enquiring what my complaint was about.  After explaining the situation, Makro decided to honour the commitment made in the email to me.

Yesterday I again visited the Milnerton store and am now the proud owner of:

and a Vodacom Weekender contract.

Just goes to show that sometimes when one does the effort, you can still find businesses that is true to their word.  Thanks Makro for doing the right thing and I will surely do more business with you.

As you can see the camera is still in its wrapping.  So you might wonder why I did not play with it yet.  I actually want a Canon Powershot SX1 IS and ORMS has agreed to swap the SX10 for a SX1 and I only need to pay the difference of about R2500.00.  The SX1 should be available in SA by mid January so I cannot wait to get it swapped.

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