WordPress upgrade to version 2.8

I have 3 blogs and upgrading them was a mixed bag this time around.  On my blog at http://www.mariusb.net/blog/, I used the automatic WordPress upgrade and that went flawless.  With my second blog at http://www.marius.za.net/blog/, I used the upgrade with the CPANEL of the hosting company and again the upgrade went as expected. I use both these blogs as testing ground and not my main blog.  So having upgraded both those, I ventured into upgrading this one. 

It was problems from the start.  The first problem I ran into was:
Download failed.: name lookup timed out
This was something to do with curl and following http://wordpress.org/support/topic/225535 (at the bottom) and installing the Core Control Plugin and following the directions, I managed to get the ZIP file downloaded. 

The next problem I ran into was something about the ZIP file that cannot be UNZIPed.  I could not find a resolution for this so went the route of manually upgrading my blog.  This went as expected and my blog seem to be working.  If you do find things that does not work as it should be then please let me know.  With all the issues, I do not know whether I trust the upgrade.

On the outside everything looks good but in the admin part I get the following when it tries to retrieve feeds for the DASHBOARD:
Fatal error: Please call SimplePie_Cache::create() instead of the constructor in /home/mariusb/public_html/blog/wp-includes/class-feed.php on line 13
I have not managed to find a solution for this.  Suggestion will be appreciated.

Having done lots of WP installs and upgrades, I must say that this one is the most problematic and error prone. I am sure an update will come out soon, so my suggestion is that you do not upgrade just yet.

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