If You Wouldn’t Do Your Job For Free, Then Quit

Just read a Lifehacker post that got me thinking.  How many of us are in a dead end job, full of frustration and we hate it. David Fuhriman quotes something his brother-in-law received with his graduation:

  • An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two, and an hour of work before noon is worth two.
  • Always pick your kids up from school. That’s when they want to talk.
  • Never let your skill exceed your virtue.
  • Never take less than two weeks off when you have a child or for your honeymoon. Don’t let them talk you down.
  • When you mess up, admit it frankly and quickly, and move on.
  • Always do your very best in your job, but if you don’t like what you’re doing enough that you would do it for free, quit. (This seems extreme, but at the same time mentally liberating.)

Particularly the last one is eye opening. How many of us will be brave enough to quit?  Now I know that a lot of us are in these situasions because we do not have any choice.  We all have responsibilities and obligations and need a steady job so keep on going no matter what.

I ask myself the question, if my boss ask me whether I would be prepared to do what I do for free, whether I would do it?  To be honest, I think my answer would be no even if I could afford it.  When one recognises this, the next questions comes up and one ask oneself, why am I staying and doing what I do? 

Do yourself a favour and read the whole post on Lifehacker.  Love to hear your views on it.

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