Start of 2010 in Plett …

It was a cloudy and misty evening in Plett.  But for a couple of minutes the full moon shown through the clouds. This moon is called a Blue Moon since it is the second full moon for December 2009 and the 13th full moon for 2009.

As is tradition, New Year was seen in with fireworks at the Beacon Island Hotel … some of the photos I managed to capture from my viewing point.

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Movie — New Moon – bad, really bad.

My daughter convinced me last night to go watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Do not know if it is just me but it is one of the worse movies I have ever seen.  I was actually bored most of the time.  Was predictable, story line was non-existent and acting was crap.  The effects was not even good.

I did see the first one and they was not great but at least better than this one.  I just hope there is no 3rd. realy

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Lara Smit-Boernooi — 3de plek by Aardklop

Hier is ‘n foto wat in gister se Durbanville TygerBurger verskyn het.  Die groep het 3de in die land gekom by Aardklop wat aan die begin van Oktober plaasgevind het.  My dogter was deel van die groep en sy is die een met die rooihare, regs agter Shaleen Surtee-Richards.

Foto met die vergunning van Tygerburger. Druk op foto vir groter weergawe.

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Lara Smit – Boernooi: school theater – Durbanville High

My daughter is in the Durbanville Highschool theater group and they have a 1-act play that made it through to the finals of the ATKV competition that will be held at the end of this month at Aardklop in Potchefstroom.  Only 10 plays from accross the country made it to the finals in Potch. Aardklop.

Click image to see bigger one.
This is the group of youngster that will make the trek all the way to Potch and show the world how good they are.  My daughter is the one 5th from the left in the back row.  She play’s the role of the grand-mother and also the school teacher.

I have seen this play a couple of times and it is really good.  It you in the Potch area on 29 and 30 September, then go and support them.

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District 9 — is the hype warranted?

District 9 opened this weekend in the States and it is of interest to South Africa .. if I have read correctly it takes place on our shores. From what I have read, it was a real low budget movie in terms of what movies cost.  It costed around $30million to make and took around $36million during the first weekend … not bad going.

I quote from Slashdot:

“Slashdot covered “District 9” back in July. I was originally excited to see this movie for its exhibition of exoskeleton robot “mechs” (see images and video at ). After watching the film this opening weekend, I can honestly say that it was an amazing science fiction movie! Everything was spot-on: the plot, the human elements, the alien elements, the technology, and the seamless blend of special effects with real camera capture. This film should vault Neill Blomkamp into sci-fi stardom, on par with George Lucas and the Wachowski Brothers (of Matrix fame). This is certainly a must-see movie — easily the best movie of the year.”

That is saying a lot and if it true then it is sure one movie not to be missed.  Cannot wait for the 28th to go and watch it.

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That ideal work/play/relaxing place.

Now this is what I want.  I do not own my own house at the moment but the one thing that it will have when I buy a house, is a attic/loft.  I just love the feel and privacy what a attic/loft gives.  This one is not bad at all.

I am not a drummer so will replace the drums in the corner with something like a little bar.   I did say the attic/loft is also for relaxing and not just work.  Mine does not need to be as big as this one since I would not put a bed in it. 

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TV Shopping — what should I buy?

I am in the market for a new TV and have been doing some homework. I have decided on 2 things already:

  • It will be a Samsung – have looked at both the Sony and Samsung and although I believe the Sony’s engine is a bit better, the Samsung TV just look so much nicer.
  • It will be 32 inch – the room where I will put the TV is fairly small and anything bigger will just not work.

Basically this left me with the following sets:





The top 2 are 720p and the bottom 2 are 1080p.  If I was just looking at resolution then I would have taken the A330 since when I compared the 720p against 1080p on 32″, watching Blu-Ray, there was no noticeable difference.  However I still have to answer the following to make up my mind:

  • What difference does refresh rate of 50Mhz vs 100Mhz make?  Initial investigation by watching a soccer game on both the B550 (50Mhz) and the B650 (100Mhz) did not show much difference.  I am not a game player that play these fast games that need fast refesh rates.
  • What difference does response times make?  Have not looked at these at all.
  • Then there is the question about contrast ratios? Not looked at this at all. 
  • And then with SA moving to Digital TV broadcasting.  Does is help in getting a TV with a Digital receiver in it.  The B650 above has a iDTV (Integrated DVB-T Tuner) — the question still remains whether this will work with SA’s Digital Spec.

More questions than answers.  Your comments more than welcome.

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