Greatodds .. not a good weekend :-(

As mentioned previously, I am playing around on Greatodds and the past weekend was not a good one. The bets, 6 and 7 in the graph are the bets from the past weekend.  Bet 6 I can still accept, that was on the US Masters and I took a bet predicting the winner and reducing my risk a bit by including a side bed for that person to be in the top 5 if not the winner. Well the person being Tiger and he ended tied for 6th.

Bet 7 was on the Super 14 and consisted of predicting the winning team in 4 matches.  Here I had 2 right and 2 wrong.  The 2 I had wrong was SA teams that went 100% against the trent.  Who would have though the Bulls winning against the Thars after losing the previous 2 weeks against lessor teams.  The other bet is the one that really threw me, maybe Greatodds paid the Sharks a small fee to loose 🙂  I was expecting the Sharks to looses sometime but against the Cheetahs of all teams.  That just does not make sense.

Ah well, their still is some money in the kitty and I will just have to build it up again from next weekend onwards.

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I am a gambler — for fun :)

Greatodds is a sport’s betting site and a while ago I decided to have some fun with it.  Now they have 1000’s of different bets one can do and it will probably take me a year to understand what is going on so I take the simple route.  I have invested a small amount (very small – one round of golf cost me more) and place some bets about once a week or when I see something that take my fancy.  Mostly it is betting on who the winner will be between 2 competing teams like the Super 14.  Here is my track record so far:

The blue bar is how I did in the individual bets.  The 3rd one is when I got it right in predicting Retief winning in America that week.  So far I had 2 winning bets and 2 losing bets.  The orange bar shows how I am doing overall .. currently I am down about 25%.

So instead of playing the lotto week in and week out, I took that bit of money and have some fun with it.  Ok, I will not get stinking rich by winning a jackpot but at least I have fun playing and who know’s where it will end.  As they say, maybe a little bit everytime will end up being a big lot :).

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Photos from the week past

Cape Town is one of the host cities for World Cup 2010 and a new stadium is busy being build.  Here, the half (or maybe three quarter) build stadium is covered with mist.  Hope that it is not an indication that this stadium will become a ghost stadium

Yesterday, myself and a friend (thanks Marita) spend the afternoon in Houtbay enjoying some fish and chips.  The wind was howling as can be seen from the white on the water and it was really unpleasant but it was nice none the less.

Houtbay without fishing boats is not Houtbay and being so unpleasant and windy all the boats were in the harbor as can be seen here.

Currently it is very hot in Cape Town and there is fires burning in the Stellenbosch/Somerset West mountains and the sky is covered with smoke. On my way, taking my son to varsity in Stellenbosch, I took this photo of the sun behind the smoke.

This photo does not do it justice since the sun was bright red, not pink like in the photo.

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DTP #12: Cape Town in December

Went to the V&A Waterfront last night and on the way home decided to go and have a look at the Christmas lights in Cape Town.  What a surprise when Adderley Street was closed off and one big party was going on.  There was a stage with live music going and stalls all along the center of the street.

Holiday season has arrived in Cape Town so to all our visitors, enjoy the hospitality and have a great time.

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Braaidag and it is raining in Cape Town

Today is Heritage day in South Africa and also National “Braaidag” (For my non-Afrikaans friends, that is BBQ day).  The weather is playing havoc with us here in Cape Town.  This is what it looks like from my balcony.

Rainy Cape Town

Definitely not a great day for Braaing. At least my braai is on my balcony and under roof but it is unpleasant there.  Will have to see if I get around to it.  Time to find somebody with a indoor braai. Tags: ,,,

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Die week wat was.

Hendrik en Melanie troue 1

Vrydag ‘n week gelede was ek by Hendrik en Melanie se troue in Stellenbosch.  Wat ‘n heerlike troue.  Die onthaal na die kerkdiens was by Cape Town Fish Market in Stellenbosch – iets anders as die normale troue maar uit die boonste rakke.  Baie geluk aan Hendrik en Melanie en mag julle ontsettend gelukkig wees.

By die werk gaan dinge maar voort.  Ek reis nie meer so baie nie en is besig om die reëlings te hanteer vir ons kantoor skuif van die middestad na Century City.

Ek het ook die week besef hoe wonderlik goeie vriende is en hoe hulle mens uit die bloute kan verras.  Dit was gister my half-eeu verjaarsdag en Vrydag toe word ‘n koerier pakkie by my kantoor afgelaai.  Binne was ‘n  verjaarsdag geskenk van iemand baie spesiaal en ver.  Wat ‘n verrassing en baie dankie M.  Ek waardeer dit opreg.

Ek het ook besef hoe geseënd ek is om 2 wonderlike kinders te hê.  Vrydagaand het my dogter vir ons die heerlikste aandete gemaak.  Dankie Meriska.

Meriska uiteet 1Meriska uiteet 2

Hierdie fotos is gisteraand geneem van my dogter toe ons gaan uiteet het by Cattle Baron.  Dit was heerlik om net kwaliteit tyd saam met my kinders te spandeer.

Super 14 and Fun in the Sun!!

image What were they thinking, and here I am talking about that 15 Stormers that were on the field yesterday.  What a bunch of wallies … I have not seen a bunch of guys that for 80 minutes had no idea what they were doing.  On yesterday’s performance they do not deserve to be in the semi’s.

Well done to the Sharks that showed how it should be done.  Good luck to them and let us all go out and support them next weekend against the Waratahs.

Over the past week, I have spend 3 glorious days in Sun City courtesy of IBM for great work delivered during 2007.  I was one of the lucky one’s that stayed in the Cascades hotel and what a joy.  I was not like Tertia and spend basically all my allowance provided by IBM.

Went on a game drive early on the first morning and almost froze to death but what a great drive.  Got to know a elephant … the driver had to quickly start the vehicle and move away so close the elephant got.  Also was treated to a baby white rino, “rooikat”, zebra, giraffe, impala and various other wildlife.  Unfortunately we did not get to see lions or cheetahs.

Went on a walk through the Sun City forest over hang bridges and through waterfalls.  The photo above is from behind the waterfall.  Bet you did not know you can walk behind waterfalls in Sun City.

For those that know me, no I did not play golf.  We could not play the Gary Player course since there was a Pro Tournament on at the time and I do not like the Lost City course so decided to give golf a skip.  Above is picture of the 9th hole on the Gary Player course and below the Lost City course taken from the tower on top of the Palace of the Lost City hotel.

imageOn the first evening we went to watch the show, Let There be Rock, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  One pity is that they played no Queen music which was a bit weird since I cannot see how you can have a Rock music show without Queen.

Both evenings we had gala dinners and on the second evening people partied till in the wee hours of the morning. I was not that brave 🙂

Lounged around the pool, sipping cocktails and beers.  Spending time with friends.  Just had a great 3 days away from the office and did not had to worry about work and all the other things that is going on in my life.  Thanks IBM, I really enjoyed it and appreciate the gesture.

A friend of mine will be spending the next week there on a conference.  M, if you read this, take some time out from the hectic conference life and just enjoy some of what Sun City has to offer.

You can see all the Sun City photos on my Flickr stream.

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