Braaidag and it is raining in Cape Town

Today is Heritage day in South Africa and also National “Braaidag” (For my non-Afrikaans friends, that is BBQ day).  The weather is playing havoc with us here in Cape Town.  This is what it looks like from my balcony.

Rainy Cape Town

Definitely not a great day for Braaing. At least my braai is on my balcony and under roof but it is unpleasant there.  Will have to see if I get around to it.  Time to find somebody with a indoor braai. Tags: ,,,

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Cape Town summer sunset!!

Went to a braai at a friend’s house and this is the sunset I captured:

Sunset 1
Taken by Marius Bock with Nokia N80

Sunset 2
Taken by Marius Bock with Nokia N80

Now come tell me this is not spectacular. After a great summer evening like that, I woke up to typical Cape Town winter rain in the middle of summer.  What is it with the weather in Cape Town this year?