Mom, I still want to play.

After the wet weather we had in Cape Town over the last week or so, it was a glorious sunny day today.  A mother and her son was making use of the sun in the veld just outside my place.  One could see that the little boy only started to walk a while ago since he fell down every couple of steps.

He enjoyed his time so much, when it came time to go home, he was not a happy chappy and had to be carried home crying.

More photos can be found here.

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Low hanging clouds – winter is coming

On Tygerberg Hill are some radio masks and this morning one of the masks was sticking out above the clouds.

It is an overcast day here in Cape Town and the air is starting to get nippy.  Winter is on its way but there is something not right with the weather here in the Cape.  What is this with the thunder this morning and it is not the first time this month.  We are not suppose to get thunder and lightning here in the Cape. 

More photos here: My Photo Gallery – Clouds

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Are we seeing the start of Winter in the Cape?

This is the mist and clouds that came rolling over the hill this morning.  Are this the end of Cape Summer and start of Winter.

These photos were taken with my new Canon PowerShot SX10 IS with no editing at all. All that I did was to re-size the images.

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Fotos: Sneeu op Kaapse berge

Hierdie fotos is gister en vandag geneem vanaf my balkon van die sneeu op die Kaapse berge.  Geen wonder dit is so koud nie.

Gister geneem:

Sneeu 2

Vandag geneem … oornag het die sneeu redelik vermeerder op die berg spitse so ek reken vir die wat vandag en môre wil gaan sneeu kyk, julle sal redelik goeie sneeu kan kry.

Sneeu 4

Sneeu 3

Daily Travel Photo (DTP) #1

As most of you know my current job involves travelling across the breath of South Africa, mostly by air but I do come across things I would like to share.  I thought I would take a leave out of Paul’s and Kerry-Ann’s (they are the people behind Cape Town Daily Photo) book and share a photograph on a daily basis.  At least that is the idea, I might skip some days when time does not allow.

I am calling my attempt at this, Daily Travel Photo (DTP) since it will be a photograph about where the road and work takes me.


I though the best place to start is where I stay at the moment.  It is a glorious sunny winters day in Johannesburg and this photo is taken from my guesthouse room balcony of the back garden with the swimming pool and little cascading  waterfall which has a very soothing sound.

Hope you enjoy what I have to bring you on a daily basis.  Actually I stated this yesterday with the post regarding the beggar.

Comments always welcome.

Cape Town summer sunset!!

Went to a braai at a friend’s house and this is the sunset I captured:

Sunset 1
Taken by Marius Bock with Nokia N80

Sunset 2
Taken by Marius Bock with Nokia N80

Now come tell me this is not spectacular. After a great summer evening like that, I woke up to typical Cape Town winter rain in the middle of summer.  What is it with the weather in Cape Town this year?