RWC which we going to win and RSS update – 15 October 2007

How great was the win against Argentina last night?  Next week we can give the Poms a lesson in rugby again.  So my prediction was not spot on but I really do not care who we play in the final.  The main thing is that we there and that we will win it.

I have eventually cleared out all the backed up RSS entries in my feed reader.  Here is some interesting tidbits:

With summer getting nearer and just being a patriotic South African and Cape Townian.  How can one not love this place.

Wikimania, Rugby World Cup 2007, Twenty20 and RSS update

Currently there is a bid on the go to host Wikimania 2008 in Cape Town and it is driven by Ian.  Ian needs all the support he can get so please contact him if you can help in any way.  Ian, please contact me should you need any assistance.

How good was it to see the Boks kick the Poms ass on Friday evening.  I am sure that today the same will happen in the Twenty20.

A while ago I commented about the spy saga in F1.  This past week McLaren was found guilty and stripped of all their constructors points and fined $100 million dollars.  Why Alonso was not punished, I do not know since I believe he had a hand in all this?

Onto my RSS feed update:

Today, instead of a picture I am including the famous Youtube video shot in Kruger Park of the Buffalos, Lions and crocodile.

Geekdinner, 28 March

Yesterday evening (28 March) I attended the Geekdinner that was held at Barbarellas in Constantia Village and my overall opinion is that is was a great success and everybody had a great time.

It was good to meet some virtual acquaintances like Tania and Neil face to face and also to catch up with old friends like Ian and Joe.  Have also met a lot of other people but names is not one of my strong points.

The talks was good and interesting .. not too long and in all likelyhood the right kind of talks for the people that attended.  I particurly liked that Ubuntu was promoted and people were asked to get involved. Neil’s talk on OpenID gave me the idea to implement OpenID on this blog.

There is one thing that I find strange — were is all the geek girls?  Out of a group of about 50 I only counted 5.  BTW, what does one call a female geek?

Thanks again Joe for arranging .. was a job well done.

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So it was D-day for MS Vista

Yesterday Microsoft officialy released Vista to the wider public. So why would one upgrade?

From the little bit I seen about Vista and read about it, I can find no reason to upgrade. Firstly you would probably need a new faster CPU, more memory and a much more powerfull graphics card with lots of memory. And what do you get for this .. juts more bling. You will still write the same documents, fill the same spreadsheets, play most of the same games and all this will probably be slower than on your existing Windows XP.

Rather than upgrade to Vista, why not switch totally to some Linux distribution. No hardware to spend money on, no OS to spend money on and your machine will in all likelyhood be faster so you will be more productive in the end. And you would have access to thousands of software applications for FREE — let me say that again FREE — it is going to cost you nothing.

So what is the ultimate goal why Microsoft want you to upgrade to Vista — make more money. You as the consumer will not get much value for that hard earned money you going to give Microsoft. So use the money rather to enjoy life and change to something thats not going to cost you any money and give you freedom of choice, ie Switch to Linux.

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Building Second Life on Linux (Ubuntu)

This one is for for Andy who is looking for a stable Linux version.  Now that the SecondLife client code is released as Open Source, he can do it himself. 

Allison Randal has build it on both Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Seems that the Mac build was a bit easier than the Linux one … Linux one build successfully but crashes when trying to log into the live SecondLife world.  Well I am sure you coding geeks will get it working, I will just wait till a good working Linux build for Ubuntu is available before I go down that road.

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No Mark … this is not on …

We all know about the Novell/Microsoft stuff that is going on and most if not all OSS/Linux supporting people does not agree with it.  But Mark, it is not on to use this to try to entice/convince openSUSE developers and community member to join your team.  One thing that is so great about OSS is the freedom it allows us to choose.  Whether that may be  openSUSE, Ubuntu or heaven forbid Windows, we still have that choice and for somebody like you to use things that you do not agree with to entice people to your side is not on. 

If the product/solution/service you provide is good enough, then people will come.  And I think Ubuntu is good enough to stand on its own legs.

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Sun open source Java under GPL

One of the best pieces of news in a long time.  I quote from ZDNet:

After years of requests and debates, Sun Microsystems is ready to release Java source code under a Linux-friendly license.

On Monday, it plans to put the code for the programming software under the version 2 of the General Public License (GPLv2), which governs Linux and many other open-source products. The Sun-hosted Web site will provide access to Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) software for mobile phones and Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) software for desktop applications.

This is good for everybody and in particularly the Linux community where distributions like Ubuntu is now free to re-distribute the Java platform.

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Ubuntu 6.10 released

I totally forgot to say something about the release of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) yesterday.  There is a lot of great things in it and go and download your copy.

Also earlier this week Ubuntu walk away with the award for the best Linux distribution.  Congrat to Mark and all the guys and gals that have worked on Ubuntu.  Wish I could have joined them later next month at Googleplex for the next Ubuntu summit.

Now onto Festy Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) 🙂
Update: It is Feisty and not Festy

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