RSS Feed update – 4 November 2007

It is Sunday evening and it is raining cats and dogs here in Cape Town. Not that I complain about the rain but I had enough.  Summer where are you?

Some things a busy changing on the work front.  More about it later when things are finalized.  Suffice to say that I am currently doing 2 jobs.

Onto tidbits from my RSS reader:

What the new Greenpoint stadium will look like:
Sky View of the Stadium

RSS update – 27 October 2007

Tidbits from my RSS reader:

Table mountain

Kimi F1 champion or NOT & RSS feed update – 22 October 2007

What a last Formula 1 GP held in Brazil yesterday.  Kimi won the race with Alonso 4th and Hamilton 7th.  This gave Kimi enough points to win the World Championship by 1 point.  But did he win?  There is some dispute about the fuel temperature of BMW Sauber and Williams.  These teams were cleared but I am sure that McLaren will appeal this.  If the appeal is successful then Hamilton will move up to forth and have enough points to take the championship.  Waiting with abated breath to see how this will pan out.

Onto my RSS feed tidbits:

The V&A waterfront in Cape Town with the bay and Blouberg in the distance:

RWC final and RSS feed update – 17 October 2007

It is half way to the weekend and I still do not know what I will do for watching the RWC final on Saturday evening. Need to get a group together so that we can either celebrate or drink our sorrows away after the game.  My money is on the celebration part.

Now for some stuff from my RSS feed reader:

The beauty of South Africa:

RWC which we going to win and RSS update – 15 October 2007

How great was the win against Argentina last night?  Next week we can give the Poms a lesson in rugby again.  So my prediction was not spot on but I really do not care who we play in the final.  The main thing is that we there and that we will win it.

I have eventually cleared out all the backed up RSS entries in my feed reader.  Here is some interesting tidbits:

With summer getting nearer and just being a patriotic South African and Cape Townian.  How can one not love this place.

IBM Patent, RWC and RSS feed update – 13 October 2007

My own question on whether one can patent offshoring/outsourcing was sort off answered when IBM dropped the patent application on it.

Good luck to the Boks in their game against Argentina in the RWC tomorrow evening.  I just know they will win.  And my prediction for tonight, although not easy, is that France will go through to the final.  What a prospect to look forward to, SA vs France in the RWC final.  Who would have predicted that 2 months ago?

Now onto my RSS feed tidbits:

Amazing picture taken of a Solar Eclipse on the same time every evening.

Credit & Copyright: Tunc Tezel and Cenk E. Tezel

We will win the Rugby World Cup & RSS feed update – 7 October 2007

Next Sunday evening it is us vs Argentina in the second semi-final of the world cup.  By that time we should know already who we going to play in the final.  Yes, I believe we going to win the semi and with the 4 teams left in the RWC, I just cannot see how we cannot win this one.  I just hope that I am not talking too soon but I cannot see either one of Argentina, France or England beating us.  I would love to see us playing France in the final, just for the atmosphere, but that would be the most difficult one in front of the fanatic French supporters.

Onto my RSS feedreader – I am down to below 4000 unread items:

Saguaro Moon:

Credit & Copyright: Stefan Seip (Astro Meeting)

RSS Feed update – 4 October 2007

Just returned from a business trip to Johannesburg and I have to wade through more than 4700 RSS items in my feedreader.  As you can imagine, I am just going to mark a lot as read and skip over them.

Here is some that I did not skip over.

Today’s photo is an amazing eruption of a volcano:

Credit & Copyright: Patrick Taschler

Traffic Jam and RSS feed update – 26 September 2007

Sir Lowry Traffic

The photo on the left was a traffic jam we ran into coming down Sir Lowrypass just before Somerset West.  Luckily I was not in a hurry and I must say that I was impressed with the behavior of the other drivers.  Actually thinking about it, all the way from Plett, all the drivers were courteous and most sticked to the speed limit.


Image: Marius Bock taken with Nokia N80

Onto tidbit from my RSS Feed reader:

Sunrise over the Hottentot Mountains:
Sunrise from home
Image:  Marius Bock taken with Nokia N80 

Wikimania, Rugby World Cup 2007, Twenty20 and RSS update

Currently there is a bid on the go to host Wikimania 2008 in Cape Town and it is driven by Ian.  Ian needs all the support he can get so please contact him if you can help in any way.  Ian, please contact me should you need any assistance.

How good was it to see the Boks kick the Poms ass on Friday evening.  I am sure that today the same will happen in the Twenty20.

A while ago I commented about the spy saga in F1.  This past week McLaren was found guilty and stripped of all their constructors points and fined $100 million dollars.  Why Alonso was not punished, I do not know since I believe he had a hand in all this?

Onto my RSS feed update:

Today, instead of a picture I am including the famous Youtube video shot in Kruger Park of the Buffalos, Lions and crocodile.