Academic Earth — now what is that?

Ever wanted to learn something new but have not got the time or money or whatever to attend University.  Well, how about doing it all within the confines of your four walls?  This is what Academic Earth is.  It gives you video recording or lectures from a couple of universities like Harward, MIT, Yale and others.  You can either stream the video or download them for later viewing.

I always wanted to do some course in Astronomy and found one on Academic Earth.  It is called Introduction to Astrophysics and I have watched the first couple of lectures and have learned more about Astronomy in those lectures than anywhere else.  Cannot wait for the rest of the lectures.

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Die mooi van die natuur

Na ‘n moeilike Sondag, laat ek julle met een van die natuur se wonders.  Nee dit was nie ‘n depresiewe Sondag nie, in werklikheid is my uitkyk op die lewe steeds positief.  Wat die Sondag moeilik gemaak het is die wispeltierigheid van mense en veral vroumense. Hierdie klein koppie van my sal dit nooit verstaan nie.  Ek kan nie verstaan hoekom vrouens nie ‘n reguit JA of NEE kan antwoord op ‘n vraag nie.  Hoe moeilik kan dit nou wees om te besluit of mens wil braai of nie .. het mens nodig om daaroor te slaap (Nee, sy het toe nie saam gebraai nie). Daar word altyd oor dinge gedink en later terug gekom en in die meeste gevalle in elk geval met die antwoord wat ek nie wou he nie.

Maar even met daai wispeltierugheid kan ons mans nie sonder julle nie.  Julle maak die lewe net so damn moeilik.

Hierdie verskynsel word “Iridescent Clouds” genoem.  Druk op die prentjie om daaroor te lees:

Credit & Copyright: August Allen

IBM Patent, RWC and RSS feed update – 13 October 2007

My own question on whether one can patent offshoring/outsourcing was sort off answered when IBM dropped the patent application on it.

Good luck to the Boks in their game against Argentina in the RWC tomorrow evening.  I just know they will win.  And my prediction for tonight, although not easy, is that France will go through to the final.  What a prospect to look forward to, SA vs France in the RWC final.  Who would have predicted that 2 months ago?

Now onto my RSS feed tidbits:

Amazing picture taken of a Solar Eclipse on the same time every evening.

Credit & Copyright: Tunc Tezel and Cenk E. Tezel

We will win the Rugby World Cup & RSS feed update – 7 October 2007

Next Sunday evening it is us vs Argentina in the second semi-final of the world cup.  By that time we should know already who we going to play in the final.  Yes, I believe we going to win the semi and with the 4 teams left in the RWC, I just cannot see how we cannot win this one.  I just hope that I am not talking too soon but I cannot see either one of Argentina, France or England beating us.  I would love to see us playing France in the final, just for the atmosphere, but that would be the most difficult one in front of the fanatic French supporters.

Onto my RSS feedreader – I am down to below 4000 unread items:

Saguaro Moon:

Credit & Copyright: Stefan Seip (Astro Meeting)

RSS Feed update – 4 October 2007

Just returned from a business trip to Johannesburg and I have to wade through more than 4700 RSS items in my feedreader.  As you can imagine, I am just going to mark a lot as read and skip over them.

Here is some that I did not skip over.

Today’s photo is an amazing eruption of a volcano:

Credit & Copyright: Patrick Taschler

RWC – South Africa, Namibia and RSS Update for 9 September 2007

So South Africa had their first game. All in all, it was not bad at all.  Samoa played a very spoiling game and I think South Africa probably played as well as they were allowed to play.

I just finished watching the Namibia, Ireland game and how impressed was I with the Namibians.  They made a lot of friends tonight.  The score flattered Ireland.  If one take away the penalty try and the last try from Ireland, which was not a try, then there was nothing in the score.  And it was nice to see a Bock playing in the World Cup.  The wing for Namibia is Heini Bock, no not family.

Onto my feed items for today.

South Pole Lunar Eclipse

Credit & Copyright: Robert Schwarz(South Pole Station)

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Spring and RSS Feed update — 2 September 2007

Yesterday was supposedly the start of Spring, well you could have fooled me. Not here in Cape Town, it was raining and very winter like.

Onto my RSS feed items for today:

With the eclipse earlier this week, I came across this photo. Click on the image for more information.

Credit & Copyright: Yuichi Takasaka

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RSS update – 25 August 2007

I am back with another update after a hectic week back at week.  Why does everything come to a standstill when one goes on leave?

So here it is:

It is flower season in the Northern Cape so some flower beauty for you. Click on the image for some more photos and information.

Photos courtesy of Heleen Paxton in Strandfontein. Regards from Namaqualand, Daisy Tel; 027 692 3041

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RSS feed update – 14 August 2007

Since the weather here in Cape Town is real miserable today, I will give you another batch of items from my feedreader.

Picture of the day — The Trifid Nebula in Stars and Dust which is 3000 lightyears from earth.

Credit and Copyright: R. Jay GaBany (

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RSS feed update – 12 August 2007

Short one for this Sunday:

With STS-118 mission on the go .. the first Spacewalk.

Image above: Mission Specialist Rick Mastracchio participates in the first spacewalk of the STS-118 mission.
Image: NASA TV

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