RSS update – 27 October 2007

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Table mountain

Lotus Collaboration Summit

Today I attended a Lotus Collaboration Summit that was held here in Cape Town.  The more I see and hear about IBM’s new Lotus range of products the more impress I get.  Products like Notes 8, Sametime 7.5.1, Quickr 8 and Connections 1 will put IBM back where it should be in the collaboration space.  IBM has really embraced the idea of social networking and collaboration with these group of products. 

It was also good to see how modern looking these products are by using WEB2.0 technologies.

I am off to go install Notes 8.  And I can now even get rid of Word, Excel and Powerpoint since I can do all that within the Notes 8 client.

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RSS feed update – 12 August 2007

Short one for this Sunday:

With STS-118 mission on the go .. the first Spacewalk.

Image above: Mission Specialist Rick Mastracchio participates in the first spacewalk of the STS-118 mission.
Image: NASA TV

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27dinner – 27 June 2007

Firstly I am back to using ScribeFire to blog since Qumana did not live up to my expectations .. for some reason it will just die on me at the most unappropriated time.

Yesterday evening I went to the 27dinner held at the Hotel School and overall it was a great evening.  Not as good as the first one at the Hotel School but great none the less.  The food was ok .. nothing to write home about and the last talk did not go down well — rather not mention names.

Once again Stormhoek provided some wine — Graham, the pink one is not for me thanks but the Shiraz on the table was great.

I met 2 guys from Die Burger who attended this for the first time — sorry guys but with all the new people I already forgot your names.  It is good to see old media embracing new media.

Met some people in real life that I have met previously in the virtual world.  Eric and Lorynne, it is was good to meet.  Lorynne, you must have a great time in Spain.  Oh and the guy from Yeigo .. good to meet somebody whose product I am actually using.

And then there was all the old faces — Dave, Max, Nikki, Tania, Joe, Malan, Henk and a couple of people I probably have left out.

Lastly thanks for the cupcake.

Other blog entries:

I really need to find a way so that I remember the next morning who the people was that I met .. is it ok to ask for a business card or something at these kind of events? 

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IBM announces Quickr

We knew this was in the making but Quickr has now been officially announced by IBM … the Quickr Blog has all the details.  The date for General Availability is 29 June 2007 which happen to be the same date Lotus Connections will be available.

So what is Lotus Quickr .. I quote

an open standards-based team collaboration tool that helps teams inside and outside the company firewall easily and effectively work together across geographies, working styles and operating systems.

Lotus Quickr provides a rich set of team collaboration capabilities, including blogs, wikis and team space templates supporting a variety of business processes to get a collaboration project up and running quickly.

Now I just need to get my hand on using these tools.

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Geekdinner – Cape Town – 28 May 2007

It is another Geekdinner tonight and I cannot make it.  I looked so forward to it but having only returned from overseas make things a bit tight when it comes to time.  In any case, I still have not catch up on all my lost sleep so would probably fell asleep in my dinner.

Enjoy and see you all around next time.  Will catch up on everything when all the reports hits the blogsphere.

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How does one keep up with Twitter?

I have only 5 friends on my Twitter and almost cannot keep up with all the chatter.  How does other people keep up.  See Andy has 39 and Kelly 27 and I am sure there are others that have way way more friends.  Read today that some people have 1000 people they follow ..

I would like to know how all you Twitter users keep up with all this?

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IBM Software Live!

Spend the whole of yesterday at an IBM Software Live! day presented by 2 of my American coleagues – Doug Spencer and Jeff Reynolds (Kelly, you probably know Jeff since he also originated from Rational)

As fairly new to IBM it was good to see the range of IBM software products and wow what a range .. Covered from Tivoli on the monitoring side, Lotus on the people side, Websphere on the middleware side, Rational on the development side and then Information Management on content/data side.

Also good to see IBM’s direction with Web 2.0 and products like Connections and Quickr.  And then the support for open standards and open source.

The venue was great (Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town) and the food was great.  Oh and a customer of mine walked away with an Apple iPod Nano in a lucky draw. Good for you Simon. Yes, us IBMers were not allowed to throw our business cards into the bowl 🙂

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What is all this twittering that people are doing …

I see more and more people twittering (is there a word like that, if not then I have just created it). Must I or must I not join the community of twitters (another new word?). Do I want the world to know what I do every freaking minute of my day? So if any of my readers have some advice and reasons why I should join the twittering community then let me know. Better still, if you think I should not join then also say so.