RWC – South Africa, Namibia and RSS Update for 9 September 2007

So South Africa had their first game. All in all, it was not bad at all.  Samoa played a very spoiling game and I think South Africa probably played as well as they were allowed to play.

I just finished watching the Namibia, Ireland game and how impressed was I with the Namibians.  They made a lot of friends tonight.  The score flattered Ireland.  If one take away the penalty try and the last try from Ireland, which was not a try, then there was nothing in the score.  And it was nice to see a Bock playing in the World Cup.  The wing for Namibia is Heini Bock, no not family.

Onto my feed items for today.

South Pole Lunar Eclipse

Credit & Copyright: Robert Schwarz(South Pole Station)

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