RWC 2007 — French disaster!

I was not intending to blog about the Rugby World Cup but after last night’s disaster (looking from a French perspective), I had to pick up the keyboard. Have to agree with Mike, the opening ceremony was not good at all – that is the bit I saw since I left half way to go pick-up my daughter.  This also meant I missed the anthems but believe that the Argentineans gave it their all.

The game itself was one off tenacity from Argentina.  Never giving up and always right in the faces of  the French.  If this is what the second string teams are going to be like then the Boks better watch out for Somoa tomorrow.  They can be just as physical and tenacious as Argentina.

I just hope that Tony Spreadbury is not an indication of the quality of the refs to come.  What a bad day he had at the office.

Today looks like a one sided day with big guns playing the real small guys, maybe with the exception of New Zealand vs Italy.  NZ should still easily win that one. 

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