Rugby World Cup and Twenty20 Cricket – Schalk’s ban??

Flicked between 2 channels yesterday evening watching some Rugby and Cricket.

One thing that strikes me from this year’s World Cup is how well the lesser teams play.  Last night it was the turn of Georgia.  I just hope that they do not give their all for the first game and then there is nothing left for the rest of the tournament.  Poor Schalk, did he deserve a 4 match ban? —  if I count correctly that will include the first quarter final match.

Onto the cricket.  After Gayle’s whirlwind 117 who would have thought that South Africa would have won the game with 14 balls to spare.  Well done to the boys.  Pity on Graham’s hand though — will have to see what affect this will have on the rest of the tournament.  Also looks like Gibbs is not at his best with the fact that he had to use a runner.

Expanding Bubble in Space:

Image Credit: NASA, Donald Walter (South Carolina State University), Paul Scowen and Brian Moore (Arizona State University)

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