Blogday and RSS Feed update — 31 August 2007

It is Blog day today so I have to blog.  From my RSS Feed reader today:

Table Mountain close up from upper Cape Town:
Tafelberg 1
Image: Marius Bock taken with a Nokia N80

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27dinner Cape Town report back

I actually thought a bit whether I should blog about this months 27dinner.  I arrived there somewhere before 7 and left about a hour later.  I did not enjoy it at all.

First the good:  I touch sides with Dave, Ian, Max, Eric, Henk, Miquel and also met Rafiq eventually face to face.  Had a couple of beers and that is where the good ended.

The place was just to crowded.  You could not had a decent conversation with anybody since it was so loud.  I did not stick around long enough to find out whether anybody ate anything but it must have been a mission to eat anything in a crowded room like that.

I managed to see the first presentation which was about creativity but it was hard to see anything on the screen and I lost most of the talking due to the noise levels.

Maybe it is just me but do not think this venue worked well at all.  Still think the Hotel school is an ideal venue and if it only can accommodate around 80 people then we should limit the 27dinner to that number.

More is written here:

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RSS update – 26 August 2007

Today’s items from my RSS Feedreader:

Today I share some more Cape Town beauty.
Boland Berge 5
Image: Marius Bock taken with a Nokia N80
This is from a park just behind where I stay overlooking the Hottentots Mountains.

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RSS update – 25 August 2007

I am back with another update after a hectic week back at week.  Why does everything come to a standstill when one goes on leave?

So here it is:

It is flower season in the Northern Cape so some flower beauty for you. Click on the image for some more photos and information.

Photos courtesy of Heleen Paxton in Strandfontein. Regards from Namaqualand, Daisy Tel; 027 692 3041

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The Zimmers — rock band with average age 88 – just amazing.

While I was driving to work yesterday and today, I listened to an interview with The Zimmers on Radio 2000.  For those that do not know, The Zimmers is a rock band in the UK with an average age of 88 (Yes, you read correctly). The oldest in the band is 100 and the lead singer is about 90. Listening to these people and their outlook on life put me to shame in my thinking about how we youngsters (yes I am a youngster compared to these people) sometime just give up and moan. 

They have a song called “My Generation” — here is a Youtube video of it.  It is just amazing.

Next time when you feel down in life just think about these people.  If this does not get you going, nothing will.

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RSS update – 19 August 2007

Today is the last day of my leave.  Was good to have a break away from work and just clear the mind.  Enjoy today’s tidbits from my RSS feedreader.

Back to the Space Station.

Image credit: NASA
During the third spacewalk astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Clay Anderson (out of frame) relocated the S-Band Antenna Sub-Assembly from Port 6 (P6) to Port 1 (P1) truss, installed a new transponder on P1 and retrieved the P6 transponder.

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Somedays I wonder … Paul Thurrott at it again. He must really hate IBM.

As most people that follows this blog knows, IBM released Lotus Notes 8 yesterday. 

The there is this guy called Paul Thurrott .. he is so pro Microsoft (bet he gets paid to say the things he does).  This is what he had to say in a newsletter:

IBM Intros New Lotus Notes, Anxious World Wonders Why

IBM this morning introduced the latest version of its messaging server, Lotus Notes 8, causing me to momentarily snap out of a caffeine-deprived coma and wonder aloud whether the company is actually still updating the software. (My wife already thinks I’m crazy, so this request went unanswered.) But I checked online and, sure enough, it does. And get this, it even notes (ahem) that Lotus Notes “competes” with Microsoft’s Exchange Server. Sounds nifty!

This is so typical of him making comments about things he knows nothing about.  Paul, just to educate you:

  • Yes it does compete with Exchange and a hell of a lot better — I have used both.
  • It also competes with MS Sharepoint and also a lot beter.
  • There is much more users of Lotus Notes than Exchange.
  • And it runs on all platforms .. not just proprietary Windows.
  • Oh and it is based on open standards — but then again MS does not really care about standards.

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RSS update – 17 August 2007 and birthdays

It was my birthday yesterday so I though it would be interesting to see who I share it with.  One I always knew and that is Madonna, she is actually also the same age as me.  The other is a techie thing … Debian started on 16 August, 14 years ago.

Spend some time at the beach and here is photo of Table Mountain under cloud cover.
Blouberg 1
Image: Marius Bock – Nokia N80

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