I did it !!! weekend without TV and laptop.

I went away for the longweekend to Plett and had a very relaxing weekend.  Will post some photos later.

What I found rather amazing is that I went the whole weekend without ever switching on the TV and opening my laptop.  Yes I missed the rugby between SA and Tonga (believe it was not a good game) and the semi’s and final off the Twenty20 cricket.  I do now know that India won, congrats to India.

The bad thing of a weekend like this is that email build up (although most of that is SPAM) and have an RSS reader with almost 2300 entries.

It was good just to break away with good company and just have a great weekend.  Thanks to those that spend the weekend with me, you know who you are :).

Today is back to the grindstone and trying to do 5 days work in 4 days.

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