The minnows at it again — Twenty20 cricket

As a follow-up to my earlier post, Bangladesh send the West Indies packing.  Just shows one, never ever underestimate anybody or anything.

The West Indies together with Australia were the earlier favorites.  West Indies is gone and Australia lost to Zimbabwe yesterday evening.  This makes life just a little easier for South Africa.

RSS Feed update – 13 September 2007

I am trying out the latest beta of Windows Live Writer and so far it seems to be good.  One little annoying thing is that the window for inserting Tags is a modal-window which means you cannot have it open to add tags while writing the blog.

While trying to recover from flu/cold and having time going through my RSS Feeds, here are some tidbits:

Space Shuttle Endeavour cuts a bright swath through the dark sky during this night-time launch in January 1998. Nearly six years earlier on Sept. 12, 1992, Endeavour blasted off, carrying Dr. Mae Jamison, the first African-American woman to fly in space, and Mamoru Mohri, the first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut on a shuttle mission.

Image Credit: NASA

The year of the minnows ..

At both the Rugby World Cup and the Twenty20 world cup it is the minnows and second string teams that are stealing the limelight.

It all started on Friday when Argentina  beat France at the RWC.  Then Namibia played out of their skins against Ireland and USA did not give up against England.  Even last night most people probably thought that Italy would run rampant over Romania.  This did not happen.

But our neighbors went one better yesterday evening in the Twenty20 cricket.  Zimbabwe beat the mighty Australians.  This is just great.

Six rainbows across Norway

Credit & Copyright: Terje O. Nordvik

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